The Folks in Myrist aren't Evil, they just don't care.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Amiral, Mar 26, 2020.

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    During the Tradeskill questline, "The Scrivener's Tale" you are (SPOILER ALERT!) that you destroyed an adventurer's group's last hope of a cure. You, with the help of Dylindra Morganna, create curing stones. She asks you to use the stones on her assistants, while promising to go and cure the adventurers herself. She thanks you profusely, but never goes to the Plaguelands and cures the poor dying adventurers! You go on to make pottry, plant plants and listen to a crazy flying book, but even when you have finished the entire questline, those poor adventurers are still there, in the Plaguelands, dying!

    It's as if the Myrist folks just don't care. They are all thankful for the help you've given them, but they have been isolated from the rest of creation for so long, whatever is outside just isn't real for them. Please, ignore the dying adventurers and make us more plant pots to make the Library more colorful! Here, this crazy book wants to tell you a story to distract you from the still dying adventurers!

    This is poor story management. The rest of the quest was quite fun, but I never got a resolution to the adventurers. For the love of Norrath, can't somebody help those poor adventurers?
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    Nothing beats old fashioned story telling like EQ2 originals, like Nagafen and Vox's unholy liaison and Naggy's deception to coerce random groups of adventures to rob lesser dragons of their charms and ultimately harvest prismatic scales to create a new and improved Kerafyrm. Going forward a few years and the sad story of Mayong, his desertion of Tserrina, and her ultimate revenge. That was good story telling right there.
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    I find it entirely realistic. In real life all the ends aren't usually tied neatly off and many people don't give a rat's hindquarters about strangers they don't know down the street much less in an entirely different plane of existance.
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    art imitates life?
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    I saw the flying quest book in Kroger. It led me to the TP aisle. I leveled up skills as a hunter/ gatherer ;)

    To the OP: Maybe it's not that the folks of Myrist don't care...maybe they don't LIKE the people that you worked so hard to save. ;)
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    LOL so true. I think this is an unnecessary level of problem prevention on the part of the developers. They could check whether you've completed the quest series if they want to be sure they won't break anything, and then have the adventurers disappear.
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