The Ethernere and the Void

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    Just throwing this out there for discussion...
    The Obelisk of Lost Souls (Note the name) was a portal between the void and Norrath but the rituals in OOLS also took the spirits of vessels on Norrath, condemnded them to the Ethernere, and then placed Shadowmen in the vessels. And since the Ethernere has connections to other planes, it stands to reason that there is a portal in the Ethernere that goes to the void.
    Everling tried to travel to the Ethernere to recover his daughters only to find that he was in the void.
    What's the connection between the two planes?
  2. ARCHIVED-Darth Stomper Guest

    Ethernere is where spirits go as part of their natural progression on death of the body. The Void is nothingness--it's not anything's natural state or place. It rather reminds me of a cosmic drain that devours all placed within it.
    Everling wound up involved with the Void (and Theer) by a research error. Drinal is--or was, he may be out of the picture--too jealous a lord for him to have dealt with in any event. Not that those deals tend to go well, as we learned this past Erollisi Day...
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    The Shadows of Lonesome Hollow

    This info comes from the obelisk of lost souls.
    Shade village, they hang ppl (visitors perhaps) in the moonlight, the moonlit corpse shadow is cast upon an (obelisk?) marble stone. they trace the outline of the hanging corpse upon the marble, and the persons shade is born.

    there you get shadowmen(cuz they had this book), ethernere/undead (shade village ppl), and the moon (drinal) all in one.

    interesting ritual to say the least. would like to know more about this marble sheet. wasnt sure if it was a buried obelisk poking above ground, or some smaller stone.

    ive not heard an origin story for obelisks. but one of remembrances books places floating jungles on norrath. right before xulous genocide. now ethernere has copy of feerrot?
  4. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    its like drinal has a blindspot when looking at this marble, and wont(cant) reclaim the dead if their death is casting direct shadow on it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Darth Stomper Guest

    According to what's been released, there are versions of all the lands of Norrath in Ethernere. We're just seeing one or two in particular in this case.
    In any event, the Shadowed Men have been confirmed to be a much different deal than the shades in that tale, though the full story isn't yet known. That's still some creepy stuff there, though...
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    Anaogi@Permafrost wrote:
    so, they will copy and paste and enhance the zone.... yay
  7. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    actually, the 2 screen shots we have don't look copy pasted at all. what it looks like it they took the basic shape of the map, prolly the water ways, mountains and what have you, and then build on top of it.
  8. ARCHIVED-Wilin Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    There it is. Of all of the OOLS story books, this one seemed out of place and I wondered when we might learn more about it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Wilin wrote:
    It actually fits very well with the Shadowmen. They trick people into a compramising situation, force the soul out of the body and replace it with a shadowman so they are able to act freely in our world long before they managed to escape from the void. And inside of the OoLS they tell you that they use the souls for fuel and food.

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