Thank you for the RoS Tradeskill Signature!

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Playz4fun, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Playz4fun Member

    I haven't delved deeply into the new expansion, but have done the Tradeskill Signature quest a couple of times.

    THANK YOU for making this an engaging activity. Yes, I have died a few times from not paying attention, but have really enjoyed it.The reward also makes it quite worthwhile.

    Stay safe, and keep on crafting!
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  2. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but what reward? The merc?
  3. Playz4fun Member

    As you work through the quest line, you get some house items. Completing the RoS tradeskill signature quest rewards, among the other stuff, you get an RoS Guild Advancement Token. One of my guilds gained 15 levels when I completed the quest.
  4. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    And yet none of the rewards were tradeskill related. Not a single one.
    If they need ideas for tradeskill rewards I suggest next time they ask in forums. Getting a crap ton of house items as tradeskill rewards is not everyone's cup of tea.

    I tell you what I did love though, the balloon house item! It reminded me of the TSO balloon house item that I've long lost track of on a toon .. somewhere.

    The quest line itself was very good and yes it was fun. The rewards imo were extremely lacking.
    And the merc? What on earth for? If you could send it out to harvest I might understand it. Apart from that it's not even Celestial so it's probably rubbish.
  5. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to do it on all my crafters. This is my favorite one of all time.
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  6. chattie Well-Known Member

    I have to admit, I was surprised that I didn't have to enter the first, I repeat first dungeon. lol that makes me and all my alts happy campers. Grats! to the staff for a delightful crafting timeline. Thanks!
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  7. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    Try running a lvl 120 master crafter that is an adventure level 100 through that sig line then tell us how much fun it is. There is NO reason for them to be in those areas. Going into a zone and cataloging mobs 120+ has NOTHING to do with crafting. Having to dodge mobs 120+ to harvest mats has NOTHING to do with crafting. Doing research to make house items where you harvest in high level areas AND then have to spend forever to harvest a rare (785 common mats before that rare hit my bag) was NOT fun. And I was using a mount that is harvest friendly mount with harvest gear and my harvest stats are high enough I rarely have a problem getting them. These cannot be done unless you have a toon that is an adventure level high enough to deal with the mobs in those area and the patience to spend way too much time for the reward. That is NOT fun.
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  8. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    So sounds like I must do this with my Level 120 Crafter ONLY? Do I have one? I have a Level 120 Assassin in Fighting but now wondering if she's 120 in Crafting too? And WOW, I have never heard of this HARVEST FRIENDLY MOUNT .. could you specify which Mount that is please? I'd like to get one for my L120 Assassin. And didn't know that there are harvest friendly gear .. do you mean horse gear or character gear? .. and her Adventure Level is high enough for killing L120 mobs. This is great and revealing = please tell us which Mount is Harvest Friendly, OK?
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  9. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    WhysoerWynde, it is Brightfire, Essence of Arcanna'se.
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  10. Melkior Well-Known Member

    There are mounts with +harvesting stats, plus you can equip them with harvest boosting gear. You have to be a 120 crafter to do the RoS sig line yes. Just like you had to be 110 to do the BoL one. Look at your character screen. It tells you what level crafter and adventurer you are.
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  11. chattie Well-Known Member

    Crafters cataloged mobs in Alter of Malice
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  12. chattie Well-Known Member

    if you have faction you can also purchase the Farseas pack pony in Mara
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  13. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Well, even on the 120 adv characters, I died a few times, but probably less than a lvl 100. This is actually the reason I try to keep my adv maxed on my crafters. It really doesn't take much to run them through PoP quests and then BoL quests. The brutal lvls for me are 90 to 100.
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  14. Morven New Member

    It's not terribly obvious, but for the RoS research requisitions you don't have to harvest the rares, you just have to obtain them - pulling them out of your depot/bank works fine (I'd guess buying one on the broker would work too, but I've never tried.)

    And the big payoff (if you aren't a decorator) isn't the house items, it's the recipe book rewards (and the - incredibly small - chance of a non-mount pattern drop.)
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  15. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    The Shadowscream patterns make gear with 220 Resolve. Which is pretty much ridiculous to make, because:
    • Heroic loot (that I've seen thus far) = 220-235 Resolve
    • Shadowscream (Mastercrafted from dropped patterns) = 220 Resolve
    • Stabilized Mycologist gear (from dropped-item quests and POI-clicky quests) = 215 Resolve
    The only think the pattern-Mastercrafted has going for it is that you can experiment to boost the Potency a bunch.
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  16. Carynn Well-Known Member

    I think that the reward of the person who "jokingly" sent someone to their death at the start of the BoL TS timeline as your merc companion is in poor form.

    This TS timeline, if you're not a high level adventurer, is only for those who have extreme patience and don't care how many times they die.

    We were specifically asked what we wanted for tradeskill timelines, and we said "Has to be able to be done on a level 10 adventurer". Will anyone ever listen?
  17. Cisteros Active Member

    The timeline was a mixed bag for me on an adventure level 100 Guardian/Tradeskill level 120 Weaponsmith alt. My death count was tolerable for me, my armor never broke. But I also was lucky enough to have the level 100 merc you can pick up from the Panda merchant who saved me more often than I died by holding red cons at bay while I camped out (mostly during the glowing mushroom harvest portion of the timeline). Of course many more times I laughed maniacally leashing mobs I had aggro'd

    The most annoying thing for me was the step that required "fresh" harvests. I am going to try and run a second crafter that is only a 49 Defiler before double status runs out and admittedly I can see that being much more difficult.

    LOVED the story and interactions with all the NPCs involved. After getting out of Echo Caverns, having travel baubles available when you would actually use them doing the quest is so much better than only getting access to them once the quest is completed, very thoughtful!
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  18. Gninja Developer

    Nuniun has reason to help you. He says so in his dialog. :)

    This questline is doable with a low adventure level crafter. That is one of the primary reasons the calming items were given. However, if you are level 20 in a 120 zone you should need to be a bit more careful but it should be doable and it is. If there is a specific place in the questline you feel is not doable at low level let me know what part and I will take a look to make sure there are ways to get where you are going even if low level. I specifically added the calming items as a reward from the very beginning to help along the way.
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  19. Carynn Well-Known Member

    *grumbles bout Nuniun*

    Three parts specifically for me which are a "patience is a virtue, throwing your computer out the window costs money" in the TS line:
    -Catalog quest that leads you through what feels like half Echo Caverns and there are stacked mobs the entire path
    -Harvesting in Shadeweave Thicket
    -The aggro mobs in the dig site, which you don't expect and kill you with a chuckle every time you run into one

    To fix:
    -Convince the mobs along the relatively straight line path for the catalog quest to move over
    -Make non-aggro harvest areas in Shadeweave Thicket, around the NPCs work fine
    -Deaggro the mobs at the dig site, or give them signs to hold that read "Hey, moron, remember I keel U."

    Best part of the new TS questline:
    -Helping the gnomes set up air baloon tour of the area.
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  20. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    The harvesting 480 mats is the tricky part. And I honestly hate to think how many of the calming items would need to be used. Plus each uses a rare, so calling it a reward is a bit of a slap.
    The rewards for the full quest line were terrible, not a tradeskill / crafting reward in sight.

    I don't think it's at all suitable for low level toons, I do however think it is a great, fun, tradeskill sig line.
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