Test Update Notes: May 2nd, 2017

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • Interested adventurers should search within Obulus Frontier for clues on how to begin this new quest. Good hunting!

    • Experts in the mysterious menagerie have discovered a subspecies of creatures that have been found to increase the master’s ability to channel greater power.
    • You can access the Familiar window via a tab in your character UI.

    • This update includes two new cooperative competition zones (Battle upon the High Seas and Battle for Felwithe) that allow groups of up to six to compete against each other in timed races to see who can complete the zones’ challenges first.
    • The fastest times for each round, currently set for seven days, will be recorded on a leader board.

    • Fixed an issue where typing in the claim window search field would spam the chat window.

    • Fixed an issue where maps were not showing correctly in Expert zones.

    Removed the Membership requirement from the following zones:
    • City of the Nayad [Advanced Solo]
    • City of the Nayad [Heroic], Scourge Keep [Advanced Solo]
    • Scourge Keep [Heroic], The Fabled Antechamber of Fate [Raid]
    • The Fabled Cavern of the Crustaceans [Raid]
    • The Fabled Chamber of Immortality
    • The Fabled Nizara
    • The Fabled Nizara
    • The Fabled Ruins of Varsoon
    • The Fabled Sanctum of Fear
    • The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule
    • The Fabled Xux'laio's Roost [Raid]
    • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Heroic]
    • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Solo]
    • Zek, the Scourge Wastes: The Siege [Raid]

    Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos [Expert-Raid]
    • Corrected an issue that occasionally caused the Emerald Statue to not spawn in the Guardian of Arcanna'se encounter.

    The Fabled Acadechism [Advanced Solo and Heroic]
    • Emperor D'Vinn should no longer permanently hide from combat if he's the recipient of too much damage too quickly.

    • Master T'Lys should no longer drop through the dock in Everfrost.

    • The location of the "Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol I" will no longer conflict with the location of the "first generation evidence" book.

    • "Nektulos Forest Mercenary" achievement - the Valley of the Bears exploration region is easier to update now.

    • Ghostly Guard of Wrath may no longer be equipped by fighters.
    • Hand of the Maestro's block chance has been changed to mitigation bonus.
    • Corrected an issue with Grasp of Nightmares and Mark of Terris which prevented them from stacking from multiple items.
    • Corrected a bug with the 365 Loyalty Point Tokens veteran reward that prevented it from granting the tokens.
    • Void Knuckles have been restored to their original appearance.
    • Maldura crafting stations now play animations and particle effects when used.
    • Chill Forged Ringmail Stompers - Are now equipped on the feet, as intended.

    • Mysterious Mark - Drarson McCale has moved a step closer to the player spawn point in the Halls of the Unseen.
    • Shades of Drinal: The Shores of Everafter - Ravinus has been convinced to stay at the Ulteran Spire camp.
    • Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces - Rikantus has been convinced to stay at the Ulteran Spire camp.
    • Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces - Erus has been convinced to stay with the Deepwater researchers.
    • Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces - The Duality can no longer be found in Feerrott at this point of the quest.
    • A Taste of Past Glory - Iksar in Sebilis are now capable of updating this quest.
    • The Ragebourne Network: Nobles District - Deletion of the quest now removes all Sentinel Crows from the player's inventory.
    • The Ragebourne Network: Nobles District - Gathering the sentinel crows will now place a "A Sentinel Crow" in your inventory overflow, if your inventory is full.
    • Guardian of the Growth - Root tenders will now attempt to eat you, even if you are so powerful that you kill them in one hit.
    • Casting a Long Shadow - When "Scroll of Potent Abolishments" is granted, an on-screen message is now triggered, stating the spell has been scribed in your spellbook.
    • Audience with the Guardian - Sharti of the Flame's corpse should now always be reachable.
    • Promises Kept - Neeta Cabbageleaf is no longer confused. She will now offer this quest only after you have completed "The Proof of the Pudding".
    • Search of The Overthere - The intended targets for this quest have been made more evident.
    • Epic 2.0 - "Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized" is now specifically required by the quest starters. Previously, they relied on Ascension level to have required "Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized", but with the introduction of the Essential Kunark Guide, it was possible to have been offered Epic 2.0 without having completed "A Nightmare Realized". This change will not impact those who have already accepted their Epic 2.0.
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  2. Bunji Developer

    Guise of Pursuit

    If you have completed any Epic 2.0 Quest series you can now purchase the Guise of Pursuit for your alts. This bauble will give you a Cae’Dal illusion and maxes the following factions, as long as you are wearing the illusion.

    • The circle of the Unseen Hand
    • The Order of Rime
    • Othimir of Velious
    • Zou’Lidelas
    • Disciples of Circling Destiny
    • Bastion of the Tranquil
    • Shields of Maldura
    • Clan Skleross
    • Legion of Danak
    • The Sel’Nok Brigade
    • Guktan Guard

    This illusion can be canceled, so that quest lines associated with these factions can still be done if desired.
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