Test Update Notes: Friday April 23, 2021

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  1. Asterix Developer

    • Dropped bounty items are now tradeable. These items cannot be placed on the broker or mailed via in-game mail.
    • Golden Firiona Vie Statue - House item can now be properly stacked.
    • pristine ashen hearth - House item can now be properly stacked.
    • pristine sandstone hearth - House item can now be properly stacked.
    • "of The Destined Soul" equipment item names have been corrected.

    • Arcane Military Applications - Inanimate rubble can now only be seen by those on the quest.
    • The Footsteps of Dartain: Ascension - Pages of Dartain's notes will spawn in the Library of Erudin consistently now.
    • The Mootuingo Job - Journal stage text corrected to read, "I need to go get more sting-y meats [for] Izny Rut."
    • Whispers of Tyranny: Shadowbane and Shadowveined - Staff of the Sacrum Va is now removed from player's inventory upon quest deletion.

    • Corrected a bug that caused charm to break an encounter if the target had any controllable pet. Charm will now dispel controllable pets from players when cast by an NPC.
    • Overland solo named mobs now drop the bounty items.
    • Skyshadow now casts curse less often.
    • The damage reduction has been lowered for Reign of Shadows Heroic bosses while casting their "Barrage" spells.
    • Withered Lands
      • Mossy timber should no longer have a chance to spawn under ground.
    • Savage Weald
      • Jopageri - Herculean Cht'thk mob title typo fixed
    • The Bonemire
      • Halls of Fate and Cacotoxic Stain cloud travel maps have been corrected.
    • Underfoot Depths
      • Reduced the Hit Points on earthen and aquatic essence.
    • Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Solo]
      • The shadooyog's ability, Furious Fangs, now inflicts percent damage over time.
    • Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]
      • The recast of Atramonox's curse, Ink Blot, has been increased.
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