[Tarinax] Echoes of Faydwer Set for November 9

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Sunlei, Sep 10, 2021.

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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    EoF is a snooze fest without the Avatars. The only bright side is there will be a renewed surge of low level PvP.
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  3. Twinbladed Well-Known Member

    Hope we can get back all the people who quit
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I somehow don't think they will , a lot of them were people who gave PvP a try the first time , and they were shocked to find out that people took their rare harvests that took them a long time to find .
    If they had been told to store their valuables as often as they can and to otherwise expect to be ambushed at the worst times .
    If they knew to not do the warlock thing and use up all their power on some mobs and get into a thread of their life left away from death ,all those little things that make survival on a pvp server more likely , we might have kept some of them .
    As it is there is a new game in Beta , that people like , so , so much for those people .
    And EoF will spread out the population over a even bigger area .
    We might get some people back , who were bored by the same zones , but don't get your hopes up to much .
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  5. Sunlei Member

    The first couple weeks/month were especially rough on the pvp server. Experienced players had waited so very long - they weren't the hardasses on newbies -they leveled through a zone killed a few and moved on to lvl 70.
    the rule-set
    It was the level lockers who drove away hoards of new players, they'd camp the bells, camp the revive spots, some would have 2 accounts good/bad guilded and use those guild accounts to find what zones easy victim targets were in.

    Pvp servers much easier for new players now. Dev should stickie the server rule set up top and the newbies may come back.

    New beta amazon? you think that's where new players will play? No it's not balanced at all-experienced players will be so dominate over the newer players it won't ever be fun to play. Even in the beta you upgrade the gun (lol a gun!) and the skinning knife upgrade and you can kill steal everything. :)

    'The warlock thing' lol @ Ms Ratlady... I love my warlock no pvp server will ever make me play a melee brute. :p
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Ehehe Sunlei my very first toon I made was a Warlock and I have made warlocks ever since , I live and breath Warlocks .
    The message I wanted to get across is don't spend all your health and power to a point where you become easy pray .
    The warlock thing comes from the fact that I myself have done that ;).
    Yes the new Amazon game , did not want to say the name of the game , did not want to give even more people the idea to go and try it .
    That game sounded even more brutal to me than EQ2 .
    and there is no game out there that has the kind of housing as EQ2 does.
    I simply wanted to tell people not to get their hopes up to get many of the people back who quit .
    I myself wished it was hordes that come back .
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  7. Freddie_Mercury Member

    Nah, the level locking ***** no talent griefers scared off any bluebies or newbies to the server in the beginning...

    6 fully mastered players with BIS gear and 50 AA vs a lvl 10 fresh naked player... then repeatedly killed them until they quit the game...

    PVPrs are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed. They killed their own servers growth...

    PVP should have been disabled until 30+ at the very least... so new players could at least get some gear and a clue how to play the game... maybe they would have played it enough to enjoy it before they got demolished repeatedly... but they certainly didnt stay after 6 v 1 ravage, grief-fest the microsecond they hit 10...
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  8. Des hen Member

    I left because tired of Pay-to-Win....bots raid, puts gear on broker....people with the money to buy krono get all the gear while those who dont get behind. Can't believe people falling for this cash grab by Darkpaw.
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    What , you don't understand a business trying to make a provide ?
    I don't think you will find a game that will survive without the owners making money on it .
    I have worked of my behind ( in game ) to be able to afford the gear and some Kronos every now and than , so it can be done .
    I agree though , that I do not like this gating idea , to cut of half the people who play Everquest .
    But there are people who belief that if only members are allowed to play the game would go back to it's former glory .
    Wake up , all you get is deserted premium servers , is that the way those Members only people want it ?
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  10. Sunlei Member

    No more lvl locking Freddie some of them do come back. Yeah you're right the first couple weeks those poor people in the caves and darklight woods, they were cannon fodder. I didn't go near those zones, lol to afraid.....reminded me of my eq1 orc hill terrors.

    Come back Des Hen, you can get good gears in a guild. A lot of the top players get the hunters items and use heritage quest items. You don't have to spend real money for kronos, can sell stuff on the broker and earn enough plats to buy broker kronos. I know people who never pay any real money to be a member.
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  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I run one of my accounts with Krono , so I can play on Tarinax and I can buy gear .
    True , the prizes for good gear has gone up , that is due to the fact that not as many people run those zones anymore ,
    but as Sunlei said joining a guild may help to get some gear too .
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    waves at Breanna
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  13. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Waves back :)
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  14. Fangrim Active Member

    The Amazon game launches tomorrow and pvp is 100% optional, you never have to do any of it and you can go anywhere in the world and not pvp. All you lose apart from pride on being killed in pvp is item durability. It really is a great game.
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  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ty Fangrim , but I don't like the idea to run a game through Steam or I would go for it
    I play on a laptop and have enough problems with lag .
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  16. Starlifter New Member

    The Amazon game looks like crap.. If you don't want to play this game.. leave the forums plz
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  17. Fangrim Active Member

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  18. Melt Actually plays the game

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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    No , " New World "
    OOPs I said the name .
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  20. Fangrim Active Member

    Midgard! or Bifrost not certain yet :)