T4 DPS has changed so much ....

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    I m wondering where T4 scouts are.
    I remember the days when an unbuffed (no enchanter, no inquisitor) T8 scout using legendary quested armor from ROK quest llnes was around 1K.
    But gear and AAs changed this a lot, my baby scout (Beast lord) run with 140dps mod, 30 mutli attack, 30% haste he i got several 1200 dps fight against the named in Zek fortress. Moreover i m not really skilled at playing scouts and he still uses level 22 MC weapons.
    On the one hand It seem to me that dps mod, MA and haste have a larger impact on non beatlords (my auto attack is only 30% of my damage, sometimes less if i have lot of rage). On the other hand beatlords may be quite a bit overpowered at low levels.
    That's why i m wondering how does evolve scout dps from T1 to T8 (T9 is not adressed here since with gear it can go from 1 to 10).
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    Play and find out. I'd make the assumption that most of the Beastlords leveled so far were by people who already have experienced the low level game ad nauseum and just wanted to get to 90 so no one really has chronicled the stat progression. My Troub who was 31 when the gear revamp came down doesn't have anywhere near 140DPS mod, even at the current level of 55. Hell my raiding Swash doesn't have 140 DPS mod solo standing around, so I'm going to chalk it up to Sony making the new Flavor of the Month Beastlords totally overpowered so the unwashed masses would think they were having fun.
    Please just stop making threads. Every one of them has in one way or another been about how overpowered your Beastlord is in the 30's. We get it already. Sony doesn't care. Either level lock and enjoy it, level up and see if it continues to address the slight diference for this particular thread, or go back to whatever you were doing the 5 months before the game became FTP and you came back.
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    Cisteros@Crushbone wrote:
    +1 for Cisteros

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