Swimming Plushies!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by ARCHIVED-GryphCoppertail, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-GryphCoppertail Guest

    Thats right, swimming plushies! I had recently gotten the Island prestige home and while moving plushies around I discovered something intresting. Some will switch to a swimming animation! After a ton of testing of plushies that I own (sadly I do not own all) and found 14 plushies that will switch when placed within the pond of the island. These plushies will revert to their normal animation if you raise them too high from the pond's bottom or move them out of the water completly.

    These are the plushies that I have discovered that switches to swimming when placed into the pond.

  2. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    Ooooh, good to know. Thanks for compiling some info on it!
    I had to LOL at the swimming terracotta people :)
  3. ARCHIVED-egyptiangothic Guest

    lol ty for taking the time for this...:) and yes they doo look like a smimming qho... haha
  4. ARCHIVED-ttobey Guest

    And yet the Lodizal plushie still can't swim!
  5. ARCHIVED-ttobey Guest

    Oh i think I just figured it out!
  6. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-Eileah Guest

    ttobey wrote:
    I can see the lightbulb over your head!
  8. ARCHIVED-msgnomer Guest

    Cool! I'm still waiting to acquire a "school of fish" plushie. You know the ones.
  9. ARCHIVED-Eileah Guest

    I was hoping that the replicas would swim but they don't, when I am moving them they have the swimming animation but when placed they stop swimming and take the usual pose of standing.
    They dont' even lose their name tags =/
  10. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    huh? didnt know those plushies had different behavoir in water? or it was fan-made photoshop?
  11. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    ttobey wrote:
    The scientists are hard at work in my Lodizal re-animation laboratory..........
  12. ARCHIVED-Gzelle Guest

    Katz wrote:
    OMG - I busted out laughing at this pic - LOVE IT
  13. ARCHIVED-GryphCoppertail Guest

    The screenshots are in no way photoshopped except to combine them together into the two files I've posted. The baby dragons from Frostfell (the attacking and sleeping) do not swim, same with the two Elorissi plushies (bear and wolf cub) they look like they do but once placed, they switch back to their actual animation cycle.
  14. ARCHIVED-MindFury Guest

    Magical Pack Camel Plushie, Shorty's Goblin Doll, Magical Crushbone Warlord, and a tiny magical stuffed werewolf, also swim, as well as the magical kobold plushie, although the werewolf and kobold are harder to tell they are swimming as they tend to just bob up and down in the water...attempting to find others that also "swim"
  15. ARCHIVED-ttobey Guest

    almost all npcs have a swim animation.
  16. ARCHIVED-Eileah Guest

    ttobey wrote:
    Yes, I saw the animation when I was moving my replicas (all but 4 I think) but as soon as I place them in the water they stop swimming =/
    You know you want to make them all swim in water now that we have real water to put them in /wink wink
  17. ARCHIVED-ShadowplayDarkstar Guest

    While on the subject of swimming npcs......why not add the schools of fish as house items that can be collected or quested. More sea life plushies too....almost everyone has made an aquarium in some form or other since the games inception. No idea why this hasbt been implemented yet.
  18. ARCHIVED-Kaeliara Guest

    what a great discovery! thx for sharing :)
  19. ARCHIVED-SecrAtive Girl Guest

    that... is.... AWESOME!!!!! thank you for poitn this out!
  20. ARCHIVED-GryphCoppertail Guest

    I tried the magical kobold plushie he didn't switch enough on my screen to really bother listing him as swimming. Replicas I've tested and I do wish they kept the swimming animation instead of reverting back. Tiger does swim, its really just the paws that change postion slightly, like he's bearly treading water.

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