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  1. Tru of Guk Member

    At the beginning of the TLE server there were a lot of buffs that added multi-attack and multi-attack was not yet in the game. This lead to a lot of buffs that were supposed to give multi being changed to giving dps. Now that multi-attack is back in the game is there any plan to change these buffs back to their intended effect? Having DPS on so many buffs at this point of the game is actually quite worthless with such a low dps cap (291). If there are no plans to change these buffs back could the DPS cap be raised? One of the buffs I am talking about is the Assassin buff "Deadly Focus" I know there are several other classes out there that had their buffs changed also.

  2. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Nothing will be done with Stormhold. Barely anything has happen with Stormhold.

    Its all about Fallen Gate now and gimmicky rewards.
  3. Nuhvohk Active Member

    Stormhold was basically the prototype for Fallen Gate. Think of it as a two-year beta!

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