Splitpaw Saga for under lvl 50 toons?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Torpian, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Torpian Member

    Can an under level 50 complete the access quest for Splitpaw Saga? Reason I'm asking is because I dual box and my level 60 mentored down and got access to the quest to the Splitpaw but my level 21 did not. I tried it with another toon and they couldn't get access either.

    Nothing happens when you get the slightly glowing shard from the chest in the Darkened Shard access quest. It is supposed to merge with the other shard, creating a glowing shard that progresses the quest. I've tried entering the zone with my 21 toon, inviting the 60 who then mentors down, and beating the boss to get the key. The 21 picks up the key and unlocks the chest. I right click on the box and take the shard then examine it. Nothing happens. It worked first go on the 60 toon, who has access now. Was there something about these TLE servers that prevented a sub-50 character from completing the access quest to get into the Splitpaw saga?
  2. Cviidar New Member

    I did the access quest with my necromancer at level 22. Was several weeks ago though.
  3. Torpian Member

    Thank you for the reply. It must be bugged or something. I'll try to submit a petition for it and see what happens.
  4. Somedude Active Member

    All those zones have issues with Mentoring. They were coded as scalable before mentoring was in game. The way they were coded is not conducive to working with the mentoring system. The general answer I got from dev was it would take almost completely recoding the zones to address it.

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