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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-soibitum, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-soibitum Guest

    hello! to start a little background and blah blah. been playing a looong time. i like my dirge but have also played many other toons. my dirge is endgame with 136 AA's his fabled epic and 5t1 shard pieces and 1 t2 shard piece. i have other toons that i spread my shards and coin about, but would like to centralize my efforts on my bard for now. also he is mostly ad3 cause im not super rich due to my severe alt-itis. i will be spending some shards on him soon i think to upgrade his armor some more.

    when im in a group i know my class well, i have a decent casting order considering all my spell ranks and damage potential. i know the dirge is a group class primarily but there are those time where i just can't (or dont want to) group.

    my question is.... What's a good dirge solo spec? i understand he wont be like my sk in reguards to soloing, but i seem to get smeered often. i have my AA mirror and my group spec and blah blah blah but what can i do for my SOLO spec? also what are some things i can do to maximize my dps and defense using a shield and sword? where should i put my tso aa's? what aa's should i stay away from for a purely solo spec? any advice also on soloing tactics would be great.

    dont get me wrong i solo'd most the way up and i can solo greens blues and whites like they are nothing and most of the time DW when fighting them. but i wanna be able to kill things a little higher. i know im probably gonna get told to kite which i'd rather not do but if i gotta whatever hehe. ooo ooo ooo and if anyone can give me examples of what type of content you can solo, would be great.

    thanks in advance. i'd really like to try and stick to one toon (which i love my dirge) but i NEED to be able solo effieciently.
  2. ARCHIVED-firza Guest

    you can try sta line and use sword and board.

    I myself prefer to use kiting more.

    (start with the bow root, then cast some spells, when mob at ca. 75-50% hp dash in with cob up and keel.)
  3. ARCHIVED-soibitum Guest

    hmmmm i guess all the dirges are out there trying to get thier drums...
  4. ARCHIVED-TalanRM Guest

    At the upper end game most yellow mobs will hit too hard for you to solo without kiting. The main alternative tactic being hitting the mob with both snares and full debuffing before it reaches you, then casting CoB and charging in. Stunning it with Cheap Shot (and/ or shield bash from Stam line) and using the Stifle from Lanets will see most non-heroic mobs dead before they can seriously hit back. For multiple mobs an element of kiting is still probably required though.
    Try to get damage procs on your items if possible, particularly on Charm slots.
    Withy those tactics I don't think that AA spec matters greatly, although obviously AAs which enhance Double Attack, Crit Chance, Parry, Proc Chances and Phsycial Mitigation will all give a little edge in terms of damage and survivability.
  5. ARCHIVED-soibitum Guest

    thanks for the advice. i really wish there was some way for me to spec to get some melee action with mobs. i like my ranger though i guess. i guess with this toon i just hoped to go toe to toe at least a little bit.
  6. ARCHIVED-Gruelien Guest

    Till 68 I'd cherry pick quests and go back to older zones when they get to tough. Rok is insane for soloing I don't ever want to do it again. Thankfully my guild like dirginess and wanted me around at a lower level to make them uber. :-D They ran TSO instances with me and I made xp bank!

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