SOE Webcast Recap: Legends of Norrath Debt of the Ratonga

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    Did you miss the Legends of Norrath Debt of the Ratonga webcast? Mark and Chuck shared the lore behind this upcoming expansion. The guys showed off art and gave a sneak peek of the loot items for EQ and EQ2. They also shared a special bit of info for those legendary players who beat Oathbound scenario 14, Anival the Blade. Catch the full replay here. (Originally aired on 11/29/12)
  2. Guffy Member

    this looks cool.. i really gotta learn how to play this game
  3. ShyMidnight Active Member

    I'm a new EQ2 player. I watched the televised stream, the Legends game looks interesting, the art is lovely. I like that I get a few packs every month in EQ2. I splurged on a box (Priestess of Anarchs) to see what housing items I'd get. I got a cobalt sailraptor and a house decor weapon set, plus some plushies and a couple of appearance change items. Rare item drop rates seem very low for the box, but I suppose it might be all about luck. The Sony website was helpful about showing what kinds of EQ2 loot was available in each expansions. Overall, I think it's cute that there's some crossover between this Legends card game and EQ2. I've decided that regarding Legends EQ2 loot items, the best ones are houses, mounts, pictures, and tapestries, while I'm not so keen on plushies or things that change my appearance. If there's a good sale over Christmas I might get reckless :) and try another box for house items, though it seems like a big gamble regarding the outcome. :eek: If I feel adventurous and brave, I might even try the card game out, though I worry that I'm not enough of a strategy boffin. Maybe I should nudge my husband into trying the card game, he loves strategy and has a great chess brain.


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