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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Aamalthea, May 18, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Aamalthea Guest

    So I'm coming back to eq2 for a while. I have a monk, and have decided to play it as my main. I notice there are a lot of things posted, and most of it, including the "new" monk faq, are from 2006, 2008, etc. I am in need of help. Granted, I am only 34 (and a half) cuz I need to know where to put things for me *now* and how to level/tank at the same time, as most everything I see is for those who are 80 already.

    Anybody have any ideas for those who are levelling or do I just take what I see and roll with it?

  2. ARCHIVED-Exordus Guest

    QUICK, roll another class since you're only 34!!!
  3. ARCHIVED-circusgirl Guest

    Yeeeeeeaaah...most of those stickies are extremely outdated and should be gotten rid of.
  4. ARCHIVED-Aamalthea Guest

    Exordus wrote:
    I would, but I have always wanted to be a monk and this is one of the few games that don't suck that have them. Does anyone know where a guide is for the levelling monk who wants to tank? I know that most games, especially this one doesn't give a rats backside about you while you're levelling, just endgame ENDGAME ENDGAME!!! That's a whole 50 (60 now?) levels away.
  5. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Aamalthia@Najena wrote:
    Click on a target then click buttons now you have everything you need to know.
  6. ARCHIVED-Lorrn Guest

    Alright, so from your OP I'm gathering that your dilema is where to put those aa's as you level so your a better instance tank while leveling up. ok
    First things first. gear. make sure your in tier equivalent mastercrafted if your gonna be tanking. until tier 8 mastercrafted is excellent gear, try to find a pair of 2.5 delay weapons. spell quality, get at least experts for your stances your taunts, mend, and your aoe's and five rings at a minimum, now is a good time ot hunt for mend v master once you hit the 40's since after that it never upgrades again.
    now the real question, where to put your aa's as you level. if i had to level over again and was going to tank and do instances as i came up the ranks heres what i would do.
    ild start in teh brawler tree 1 in the starter, and into the int line. 4 in spin, 10 in crit, 8 in parry 2 points for the endline
    that endline is gonna give you some extra beef when you dip below 50% hp when your tanking,, very useful while leveling up and you cant get mitigation modifiers on your gear.
    next up ild get my double attack and block up a little bit so over to the strength line, 4 in pressure point(debuff), 10 in double attack, 10 in block now it is entirely up to you if you want to use chi while your leveling, it is a very good skill while leveling up but once you can get gear with the stats it provides on it and get into raiding and such it becomes less then useful and can actually hurt you cause it will screw up your casting order. but for now its a good skill if you want it.
    lets move to the monk tree
    here i would put 3 points into the far left kick to get to mend and will of the heavens, ild also put 3 points in the center punch to get to the encounter taunt and 3 points far right jab to get to the singel target taunt. max out both taunts and mend first. then get into will of the heavens and your mitigation temps if you find yourself actually using them. once your up high enough in level and have the skills max out tsunami and outward calm.
    all i would worry about in the tso tree for now would be 5 in hp and 5 in power in the first line, and once your past 60 points toss 5 in the damage reduction and 5 in either your favorite stance ot be in or in sweeping swings, and get sneering assault to give you another positional increase taunt.
    by the time you get all this more then liekly your gonna be level 60+ at that point you'll have a much better grasp on what YOUR monk needs to be successful, we all play a little different. but this shoudl get you started and you can then modify and expand on it to your own purposes :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    Very good advice Nulgare. i dont think the 2.5 weapons are as inportent when lvling up as just getting 2 that match. also on the eq2flames boards in the bruiser section there is a newbies guid witch is very good and pre 70, 90% of it will apply.
  8. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Silzin wrote:
    Actually his advice is horrible. A new monk should fill the brawler tree first absolutely ignoring the other trees. They should start by working their way up the craneflock line then max their reuse then mantis bolt then crits then double attack. Crits arent as important at lower levels as well as double attack because auto attack and CA spreads are so low, but crane twirl, crane flock and a blue AE stun are OP at lower levels. When that is done they should get the body portion of the monk tree by the time that is done they will be at 100 aa's and can choose whether the rest of their aa's should go to defensive or offensive and they can even get a mirror made and do both.
    On top of that it is a complete waste to buy mastercrafted for each tier when you can go 1-70+ in just a few hours of play plus all the loot thats going to drop anyways and sorry but experting out your skills is also a complete waste as everyone you play with will not be experting anything. The only reason to ever mastercraft your gear and CA's is if you are level locking.
  9. ARCHIVED-Lorrn Guest

    perhaps you missed the part where he said tank/leveling.
    while your advice is solid for a dps focused leveler to get to 70+ as quickly as possible i got the implication that this person was going to level and actually experience the content. not experting some of those skills is pretty stupid if you ask me precisely because 90% of the people your grouping with wont have experts either making healers complete garbage and the more you can do for yourself the better off your gonna be.
    i coudl be wrong they might want to jsut blow through it and hit 70+ as quickly as possible if thats the case your absolutely right.
    but to the op liek i said earlier we all play a little different heh. go with whatever sounds more you.
  10. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Nulgara@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    The point on a monk in early level tanking is to kill stuff as fast as possible. On top of that the mobs he will be facing really won't be that difficult to kill. You have to understand that 1-60 were designed for 0 AA's so the AA's added are more then enough to offset any gear or CA's you might be missing.
  11. ARCHIVED-Aamalthea Guest

    Excellent replies I really appreciate it! I am attempting to tank now with 2 people who are mentoring me, but they are in their 60's....and it's....tough. To say the least. Need to find some information on how to keep hate from those guys but for now I am going to try Lorrn's advice. I appreciate it all.
  12. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Aamalthia@Najena wrote:
    You arent going to hold agro over people that are mentoring. Unfortunately mentored people are way OP at the level they mentor to and usually end up at the caps for everything at that level.

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