So in the conj forums they claim they can out dps wizards all the time.

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-jay777, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Davngr1 wrote:
    of course everyone has procs but melee dps has way more because they hit 3 times more due to their two millions melee hits each swing.
    i wrote that auto attack makes up for more than 1/3 of melee classes dps and it is correct. given how easy it is nowadays to get high flurry % chances mages need something to make up for it.
    i do have a clue about raiding - maybe more than you or maybe you just desperatly try to conceal given facts... idk
    im just not in denial of facts like you are. a wizard for example since this is the wizard part here has to stand pretty close to a mob
    so he can be competitive which is a huge disadvantage per default.
    no other mage class except warlock need to do that. melee class dont loose as much dps as a mage does when it comes to moving because of the two million auto attack hits they do - even with a bow while moving...
    i agree that parry etc is a very bad thing but then again - you can continue to spam CA / autoattack while a short casted spell takes
    lets say 2 seconds to cast in average - being resisted its got a small downtime lets say 0,5 sec plus the cast time again plus recovery time after it so it means
    about 5 seconds of doing no damage at all except for the very spell you are casting twice versus about 2 melee auto attack rounds for a 4 sec delay wpn with propper haste plus the other CA you can apply after a parry.

    together with fiery blast - a spell failure or mob move/ yourself being forced to move is fatal to a wizards special endline ability. unlike exploit weakness for example or w/e other melee endline special there is.
    i am arguing with given facts while you give assumptions about healer not healing pets and calling me out about having no clue? good game brolar bear but maybe its you that shouldnt make decisive posts.
    resisting summoner pets? are you even serious or do you just dont like the tone of my post for w/e reason and desperatly try to negate it?
    if you are playing a t1 melee dps class and not topping every mage then get good. see? it works both ways.