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    Okay I just wonder: if that one knowledge guy knew everything there was to know, and Mayong did all he did, how does it keep normal adventurers from doing something the same? I would think after all that has been done and how much our characters have, we might ascend to like Godhood or something in the story. Or are we just noble and humble enough not to mess with stuff?
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    I mean, we have talked to the deities, we have (well raiders) have done all the big stuff like kill Seru and Trakanon and all those. We basically have saved lives on each continent on a daily and weekly basis. I know we're not evil really, but it does make me wonder how tempted we might be to do something in some "maybe" future story line.
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    "that one knowledge guy"?
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    I'm trying to think of his name. It started with an X or something I think. There is a shrine in Myrist with his name on it. He was like a mortal that learned so much that he ascended to godhood or something. And the actual gods don't like him.
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    Found it, The Forsaken One, his name is...Zebuxoruk.
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    Ahh I see what you're asking now. What is keeping the rest of us mortals from abusing power?

    Well, Zebuxoruk is one such being making sure that we don't. His constant ascending and descending from godhood has partially to do with the fact that he knows the way to make other mortals also ascend. The Plane of Time event in EQ1-- the reason Druzzil Ro shows up and sends us back in time is because the entire universe would be completely undone if mortals all suddenly became gods. Just complete destruction of existence because everyone would be doing what they want. It's my own theory that part of why he descends is a failsafe to make sure he forgets that knowledge. Even he's not entirely sure why it happens or when it will, but he's aware it happens quite often.
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    Awesome thanks. I think it's amazing what these lore stories do. I know not everyone likes Everquest 2. They would rather play the original, but I like how things come along in the story this way. They put a lot of work into it. It's very nice.