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  1. ARCHIVED-betatester7 Guest

    She's dead, She's sleeping? I love the white roses detail though.
    I know Firiona Vie is from EQ1 and I don't remember but she appeared in EQ2 in a live event I think. What do we know about her role in eq2?
  2. ARCHIVED-Uandiiniu5 Guest

    Well,I do know that she as in diguise as a fae,being the one you speak to for worshiping Tunare. You find out its her from a live event.
    and from a specilation standpoint,the items from the pre-order seem to make you think she died :(
  3. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    if you do the quest that was added in recently as the lead in to expantion... explanes what happend.
  4. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    actually no, she was not disguised as a fae. the original Prophet to Tunare was a High elf woman. during the druid ring live event, she reveals herself as Fironia, and the fae in charge of the Ring rebuilding takes over as Tunare's prophet. ( who I beleive is revealed to be the very first Fae)
    as of right now, FV in EQ2 is a primary driving force in the creation of the New Combine. She has/had a seed to a new Bloom of Growth, and the means for it to grow, after adventurers killed Woushi. (which was a bad solution to a bad problem with Woushi growing covetous of the Bloom)
    recently, FV has been killed...her soul ripped to Ethernere by the same force(s) that are doing it to people all over Norrath. in fact it is her death that seems to spur the Duality to think about doing something more with the reports then waving it off as no big deal while he researches Age's End.
    Odds are...FV is in Ethernere...and we'll be rescuing her soul as well as countless others during the expansion.
  5. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Huh, y'all beat me to the topic. I was going to make something so much more sarastic about it being nice to see Firiona returning to her role as "captive". Yes, she is dead. Will she stay dead? No idea. But hey, looking forward to hearing "Thank you for saving our souls hero, but the princess isn't in this realm of existance." blah blah blah...wonder if they will have a dragon named Bowser?
  6. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    She also played a prominent role in one of the more recent Heritage Quests, some druid scimitar I can't remember the name for. Either way, when I saw FV on the "cover" of an EQ2 expac I had to lol.
  7. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    the same heritage, Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn, is the one that ends with her getting a seed of the Bloom of Growth, adn the means to make it grow into a full new Bloom.
  8. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    As an aside, that is probably the best Firiona Vie box art I've seen since the original Keith Parkinson boxes.
  9. ARCHIVED-betatester7 Guest

    Did you notice the shadow over Firiona? Is that a dragon claw… A creepy guy [insert here your evil character] ...?
  10. ARCHIVED-Gilasil Guest

    So in that recent quest from a few weeks ago you can see her die right after you talk to her (made me wonder what affect I had on women).
    Hopefully she won't stay dead. She's a freaking icon.
  11. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    that might be Drinal's Scythe.
  12. ARCHIVED-cybris Guest

    How do you get the lead in quest where she dies? The only quest I remember her being in was the live Event back in 2010 where you had to help rebuild the druid rings.

    edit: and oh the shadow looks like a staff with a cresent moon shaped head peice.
  13. ARCHIVED-Lizabethan Guest

    The lead-in quest starts with a mail given to level 92 players. You then go meet an NPC in either Qeynos or Freeport and complete the line.
  14. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    cybris wrote:
    Interesting. Cresent moon symbol could lead to several different dieities. Drinial is most closely associated with the moon named after him. Anashti'sul's followers use a lot of similarly shaped staffs, but the cresent isn't off-set but more symetrical in all the depictions we've seen. Still, it would be interesting to have Anashti'sul messing with spirits as the new goddess of undeath/eternal life. Kinda of like a war between death and undeath over the control of spirits.
    A perty far out there possability is Luclin (the goddess). Though she is more associated with an unseen moon, not any kind of moon symbol. Drinial is usually depicted as more of a raven motief than a moon symbol.
    Another possability is that Kyle Bayle is using a waning moon symbol to represent his taking over the Ethenere and the fall of Drinial. He did talk about having power there, and him using an army of revanents does sound par for the course. Especially if he takes the most powerful/memorable of the old NPCs that we've killed and empowers them with a promise that after they control Ethenere he will restore all of them to life (or take over the Pathanon).
  15. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    a model of Drinal was shown at SoE Live. the shadow is Drinal's Scythe.
  16. ARCHIVED-Windstalker Guest

    When the expansion launches you will be able to visit Firiona Vie's memorial and she appears as she does in the COE art on a bed of white roses on a pedestal.
    Her memorial tomb is being built by her loyal elven brethren in Kelethin. She is beautifully preserved in a lovingly crafted resting place.
    (Our art team is doing an incredible job on it!)
  17. ARCHIVED-Maergoth Guest

    As long as Al`Kabor is still alive and kicking, I can deal with losing one legendary figure.

    Though, Firiona is much hotter than Al`Kabor. I didn't get my picture taken with Al`Kabor at SOELive.
  18. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    no might about it, they showed off drinal at SOE live and that is the shape of his scythe.
  19. ARCHIVED-Halo of G4 Guest

    Can we get a quest where we can vilify the grave with graffiti, destroy it, or kill her mourners.
    I care less for the two dimensional bimbo so yeah...
    I mean the name "Chains Of Eternity" is lame and laughable enough, now sleeping beauty in the flowers? Let me guess, storyline will have us rescue her soul, and the conclusion will be a prince charming, possibly a human or elf stuck in a froglok's body, he'll spout lame and cliche love dialogue with a shakesphere voice, then give her a kiss to wake her up, and also transforming him back into himself.
    100% originality and groundbreaking storytelling. Do not steal! /sarcasm
  20. ARCHIVED-KniteShayd Guest

    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    Anyone have a pic of Drinal by chance!?

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