Sick of the Kick

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Ladymist, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    Me some friends and many guild mates are not being allowed to enter the game. You get kicked back out upon entering it. Did you guys step on the hamster? Luckley we have a facebook group so we all know we aren't alone. been going on for two days now. oh ps our guild is on freeport server.
  2. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    I've had no issues logging on to Freeport at all this week.
  3. Asaenia Active Member

    There have been a couple people in my guild who have this issue, although only with certain toons. I hear them in guild speak channel saying they have to play their underused alt because of this.

    P.S. We, also, are on Freeport
  4. Lonestar New Member

    anyone figured out whats going one because its happening to me as well
  5. RadarX Community Manager

    Is this only happening on certain characters? In certain zones? At certain times?
  6. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    the better part of both days. 90% of the time. one guildmate still hasnt successfully logged on since yesterday morning. One gal got in by making a new toon
    zoning. for me its both outerland zones and house zones. I am so afraid of zoning once I get in because that kicks me too lol

    ps i have had no problem with my antonia bayle toons, seems to be mainly my freeport ones. havent checked the naggy unrest everfrost or crushbone toons
  7. Estal Well-Known Member

    Getting kicked to char select on almost every attempt at zoning into WBE / WBC / Chelsith Solo / Heroic as well as Jarsah Wastes, happening on Splitpaw, when trying to log back in getting below error approx 50% of the time:


    The other 50% it just says connecting to zone server for a while before kicking me back to char select without any further error message. Restarting the game then grants me one working zoning, after that it goes straight back to being broken.

    Not wanting to paint the devil on the wall, but If the increased player activity in those zones due to just 4 new items can cause such carnage, then what will happen when ToV launches?

    My Defiler is currently online on one acc, my Dirge on another acc (same server though) gets error can't connect to login server, yayyyy
  8. Asaenia Active Member

    Thank you for responding, RadarX. It is indeed only certain characters. Several of my guild members are able to only log alts but are unable to log their mains. I've asked one of them to come and give more specific info.
  9. Gorwen Bloodrunner New Member

    It's not affecting me, but it's affected more than a third of my guild on the Freeport server, I hear that it's certain toons but others cannot log in with any but their heroics. I'd appreciate a swift response, as would we all.

    Thank you
  10. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Crushbone also has this issue, its not just Freeport.

    The zone servers have a brain (cpu?) fart and lock up.
  11. Stethiall New Member

    For me, my son on a separate account, guildies and friends, it is all 95 level toons no matter what time or what zone as of 10/3/13. We are physically located on east coast, west coast, midwest and England. We are on Freeport server. However, those from Kansas and Canada are having no trouble with logging in or being kicked out to character select.
  12. Stethiall New Member

    For clarification, two of our guildies, one from Kansas and one from Canada report having no trouble logging on. Was there an effort to force everyone to create a new "heroic 85" toon in order to continue to play the game? Also, there are no "free" 85 heroics offered. As the new toon that should have been free nears level 86, a box opens that says to continue playing, 3800SC is now due.
  13. Gigv Member

    Also experiencing same problems
  14. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Canada here, Freeport server. No issues logging in with any characters.
  15. Juraviel Active Member

    Not really related however after the update yesterday I logged in and clicked our guild hall bell to travel to Sinking Sands and the game instantly shut down with a blue screen. That's the 1st time in 9 years of playing EQ2 that I have had something like that happen. I logged back in after rebooting my PC and everything seemed to be fine.
  16. Tatanka_7th Active Member

    I've played the last two nights, for short periods, logging into four toons each night, all on Freeport. No issues seen at all.

    Chicago area.
  17. Gigv Member

    It has been 48 hours since I called sony with the kick problem and now I still can't get my 3 most played 95 characters to stay logged in longer than 2 seconds grr. Please fix servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Gorwen Bloodrunner New Member

    Hmm, this started with the heroics being made.... What if we take em out of the game? Will everything be fixed? Mmm, I hope so lol :p
  19. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    Please extend the festival as a lot of us cant even go to it because we cant even get ingame, WHY haven't you all patched this yet??
  20. Shadeyblades New Member

    Thought I would give you a heads up. People Are Quitting your game.

    I have 3 guildmates threw in the towel. 1 rl friend and two non guildmates.

    No one likes a game we cant log into for over a week. I myself will be leaving. I am going to go play Asherons Call, a old game.