Shroud of Hate AA not working

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-EmberX, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-EmberX Guest

    This AA appears bugged, and yes I've submitted an in-game bug report on it, just wanted to put something here in case anyone else looks.
    The AA is supposed to add a threat component to Shroud of Bertoxxulous, and if you examine the spell you see a new green line added saying 'Increases Threat to target encounter by xxx'. If I cast it on myself and go out and get smacked, I see the threat numbers procing when the Nihilistics damage procs, and I can measure the threat in ACT.
    However, if I cast Shroud on another player in the group, the Nihilistics damage proc still goes off, but the threat doesn't. Seems pretty clearly buggy.
    Would be nice to fix to help survival in dodgy pick up groups.
  2. ARCHIVED-blaiddur Guest

    similar thing was happening with the warden aa adding threat to instinct. it wouldnt show up in the tooltips. however it was still working. if you have act check the threat gen and you may see it there even if its not registering whenh you examine the buff.
  3. ARCHIVED-EmberX Guest

    Er, I did say in the original that I had ACT running, and I checked - there is no threat proc if the buff is cast on anyone apart from the casting warlock.
  4. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    This is the case casting it in raid as well. Verified with ACT, of course.
    Also, the enhance AAs don't seem to be affecting this or grasp of bertoxx for proc chance besides if the buffs are cast on the lock.
    All kinds of broken.
  5. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    Shroud of Hate is fixed. Parse checked it today. Works good, last long time. Just wish Xelgad had responded earlier about this so we knew it was in the works. :p
  6. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    *sigh* disregard my last post. It only works if you want it to incresase YOUR threat when you get hit. Useless when cast on others. Would have posted earlier to correct, but haven't been able to play much to test. :(
  7. ARCHIVED-ajrm7000 Guest

    EmberX wrote:
    when you apply the shroud of hate to another player, it gets applied to their hate, wo you would need to track their hate to find out how much its proccing
  8. ARCHIVED-Oidan Guest

    Why do you spend points on this ability? I am curious.
  9. ARCHIVED-ajrm000 Guest

    Taryn@Nagafen wrote:
    yeah its kind a meh thing now, it was good in sentinal's fate, but in DoV it doesnt rly help alot with aggro anymore

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