Shard of Hate Raid Spawns

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Xellium, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Xellium Active Member

    OK so GU106 was almost 3 months ago. The last two T3 mobs have not been spawned in the SoH. We're all out of ideas. Either the spawns are broken, or the mechanism is too complicated.

    We're coming up on the end of the expansion. The development time on these SoH encounters is going to go to waste unless the situation is addresses. Why bother creating content that no one can consume?

    Either fix the spawning, change the spawning, or give us hints that make sense so that we can get on with it. The rest of the expansion has been cleared by multiple guilds. We've worked for months on the puzzle. Please make a change so that people can start attempting the content.

    Fix the last two T3 spawns in SoH Please!
  2. Gninja Developer

    Honestly, I'm not sure how much more of a hint I can give other than what is already there.

    The hints are given at the beginning of the zone and they are 100% working and that has been verified on live servers.

    This is the text from the zone:

  3. Xellium Active Member

    We are all aware of the hints, there have been many guilds working on this for months now. I'm telling you that the people have run out of ideas to solve the riddle. And dumb luck and fumbling has not uncovered anything in that time either.

    If the content not getting used is fine by you then it's fine by me.
    Just thought I would bring it some attention.
  4. slica Active Member

    Gninja > top end guilds
  5. slica Active Member

    Just gotta hand feed them the strats Gninja.. ez mode all day every day these days ;)
  6. ishkabibble New Member

    Pa's Sword Islet's Laughter

    please stop before you hurt yourself
  7. Dotuming Active Member

    Uhh ok..A LOT of raid guilds have been searching and scouring the zone for months. Since no one has actually been able to spawn these mobs yet, maybe you should actually try what the hints say before you spout off and just maybe you will understand...

    First off, We cant form golems out of bones using the bones of previous challenges because there isnt any (Avatar of Bone)
    Secondly, there are no skulls of previous challenges to offer. (Byzola)

    If these pieces are body or boss mob drops, they are not in game. Hence the frustration.

    So since no one has found those oh so subtle hints useable, perhaps its time to check yet again? The hints themselves are fine if its actually working. Puzzles are fine. Puzzles that are not working are not.
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  8. Gninja Developer

    Actually, I would focus more on the highlighted part than the other areas but yes, the info is all there. I believe I know the part that is throwing everyone off so I will reword slightly for next update.
  9. Sentrasia Active Member

    If you want to white knight the issue, Sigrdrifa, then do so but the reality is that these "pretty big hints" are not cutting it.

    Have you tried to solve the puzzles and succeeded? Have you even tried to solve them?

    This content was released ~3months ago. The xpack boss (sol ro) was defeated, ykesha cleared... and yet hate remains 22/25 for everyone. It's not just five or six guilds trying to solve it either. There are even guilds working together to solve it.

    No one is complaining it is a puzzle. People are complaining, and rightfully so, that the ONE hint we get per mob is insufficient.

    There are way way too many combinations to attempt to solve via process of elimination.

    Three months without anyone making any headway is not "okay".
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  10. Xellium Active Member

    No one elected me. I made this post of my own accord without consulting anyone. You do not need to be 22/25 to try spawning these mobs. You simply need to attempt to spawn any round 6 mob. You could be 5/25 and still work the problem.

    After 3 months and no apparent progress I just thought I would bring attention to the issue just in case something was broken. I don't understand your animosity towards me for doing so.

    There is like 2 ish months left in this xpac. I would think the devs would want the content they created to be used before then.
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  11. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    White knighting like this really doesn't help anyone. It just makes you look pretty sad.

    If the top and most focused raid guilds have not found it after 2+ months of searching, it clearly can't be a puzzle that is solvable in current state. They also don't have other raid zones, as they are Progression based guilds, who have cleared everything else. I fail to believe that out of the guilds able to pop the 6th round of mobs in this zone, not a single person has been able to figure out the puzzle if it's so easy.
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  12. Gninja Developer

    Byzola was figured out this past weekend.
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  13. Xellium Active Member

    I see that. Props to Unreal for getting it done.

    Question for you. Do you think that a puzzle should take 3+ months to solve?

    I haven't seen your hint text change yet, but I'm still stumped.
  14. Gninja Developer

    No, it absolutely should not take 3+ months to solve.
  15. slica Active Member

    You so adorable

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