Server Maintenance - April 6, 2021

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Janius New Member

    Once upon a time a society named SOE who made server maintenance every day , all days of the year , precisely at 5 AM to 6 AM (european time). And that was realy fair cause at those hours , people slept. And 1 day a month , a complete server reboot.
    Once upon a time , they were no lags despite THOUSANDS of players in the same instance.
    Once upon a time...
  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    And once upon a time, I believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.
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  3. Nazz Playing off and on since '04

    And how to you define prime time? Daybreak (back when they were SOE) said that they picked this maintenance window because it was not a peak play time.
  4. Blazen Active Member

    What do you mean... They don't exist?
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  5. Janius New Member

    Believe in what you want, i was here to see that.
    I play this game since december 2004, with some breaks , but i always return to EQ2 , maybe by nostalgia.
    And every time , i can show his decay. This game was the best MMORPG since DAOC, but SOE didn't made any publicity for it, and that's why he withered. And yhat's why a commercial holding bought it, to make a game a cash machine, whithout respect for players(custumers). And , unfortunaly, that's why this near perfect game will die ( SOE made it to finish on lvl100 player, it's just a perfusion).
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  6. FilCat New Member

    1) the peak time was measured on which server? all technical work is carried out during the prime time of the European server.
    2) if I do not receive the service at a convenient time for me, what is the point of paying for this service?
    3) 7 days of technical work in a month speaks either of the disgusting quality of the workers, or of indifference to the client.
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  7. Nazz Playing off and on since '04

  8. Robynous Active Member

    Or the entire system is collapsing from neglect. It may be time to take some video captures of your favourite homes and locations in the game as a keepsake.
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  9. FilCat New Member

    regardless of the reasons, the issue of compensation for the paid, but not provided, time remains open ...
    PS I remember very well the times when the shutdown of servers was compensated by the extension of the paid time or the accrual of DB. This gave the players the feeling that their interests were not indifferent to the developers ...
  10. Maachilie Member

    "PS I remember very well the times when the shutdown of servers was compensated by the extension of the paid time or the accrual of DB"

    longlong time ago...
    i remember the time when we were MEMBERS and not easy lootable moneyboxes... o_O
    more than 5 jears ago.....:rolleyes:
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  11. Pathetica Member

    Haven't seen a whole day down in years and 1 out of 7 would not be 25% anyway nor is it "most of the time".

    And yes, it is annoying but try to be realistic so you might be taken more seriously by Daybreak?
  12. FilCat New Member

    I'm quite a realist. out of seven days of technical work, there was no urgent one. all these works could be done at one time on a predetermined day. such an approach would remove all pretensions. but Daybreak doesn't care about the players' plans and times.
    personally, I would be quite satisfied with the shutdown of servers on the 1st (for example) every month for 24 hours to carry out all types of work at once. it is a competent and responsible approach.
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  13. Janius New Member

    Pandemonium ? is it the same guild as the deceded Storms french server?
  14. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    It's now 3 pm...tick tock, tick tock.
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  15. Maachilie Member

    *Pandemonium ? is it the same guild as the deceded Storms french server?*

    now, it was a german giuld, it was on the EU TLE Server five years ago. I rub the signatur out now, that server was merged with idontknow by Daybreak.....
    so i sadly cant tell you what happened there......
  16. ShalakoLee New Member

    well at least their servers are back up (locked but back up)
  17. whateverfla New Member

    For me, the servers were up but locked 3 hours ago.
  18. Spectre Active Member

    Someone really dropped the ball here...
  19. Maachilie Member

    for me too... :confused:
  20. ShalakoLee New Member

    yea sorry, their website is back up also

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