Seeking Templar Guide (AA/Adorns/Hotbar)

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Evangel, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Evangel Member

    Hey folks,

    I'm a questing Templar primarily so beyond grabbing the new chest of gear at each expac i haven't really had to worry about min/maxing too much. However i would like to start some light raiding and here is where i have found my Templar to be severely underwhelming.

    Please keep in mind that I'm back less than a year after a 14 year hiatus, so instead of learning a little here and there, i have a lot of learning and catching up to do.

    Most of my internet searches for existing info have resulted in two suggestions:

    - Look up the EQ2Wire profile of a high level character of your class and model after their AA spec and gear setup
    - Try different things to see what works for you

    I tried looking up the AA specs of some other templars, but they all seemed to be named after people's cats or something, i'm sure it means something to them but i have no idea what the spec is for. I just wanted to set up specs for Solo/Raid/Crafting.

    With regard to adorns, is it safe to assume that if i am lv120 then any adorns that are not lv120 are not worth using?

    So many questions, i know. I tried asking on the Templar channel in-game but nobody seems to use that anymore. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  2. Mezaka Active Member

    Hi Evangel,

    Welcome back to the game.

    There are many different ways to play a templar, but if you are looking into raiding, you definitely want to make AA choices that optimize your health, your group buffs, heals, etc. You also want to get your crit bonus, potency, and double cast as high as possible as well.

    You also want your reuse and your casting speed to be at 100%, so if you aren't there with gear, you may have to rely on older adornments until you get enough gear with casting and reuse on it. Don't overlook mount gear, leveling up a mercenary for the mercenary battalion buff, or a familiar for the buffs they bring to you as well.
  3. Evangel Member

    Thanks for the tip Mezaka, by prioritizing health I've been able to triple my HPs which is great. I've also put points into crit bonus. potency and my buffs/heals. I've got a couple master jeweler guildmates that can help with Acrylia adorns and bardings, and I've started to level my alt's Sage tradeskill so i can get some spell upgrades.

    The biggest remaining question i have now is how to set up my hotbar for maximum effectiveness. I'll edit this post next time I'm in-game with a screenshot of my current setup. All the AA and Ascension abilities thrown in with the spells i already had makes it a little more complicated.
  4. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    Hotbar setup does comes down to preference. For me I run my hotbars two wide and three high, with one smaller hotbar to the right of that for buffs that I cast in group and with my group window directly above them and raid window above that. I then run a hotbar at the top with all the maintained buffs and a couple hotbars for things like snacks that I don't need to click all the time.

    My bottom hotbar has single target heals, curse cure, etc on the left, switching to my rezzes on the right hotbar(through my UI[I use Drums] I have my clean rez, repent, sacntify, vital intercession, and sacrifice set up so I can cast them on people by clicking the group/raid window as well).
    I run my group heals/group cure/equilbrium/sanctuary/etc on the second hotbar. I end up with my group cure, equilbrium, and other emergency buttons in the center of my set up this way.
    I put my debuffs on the top hotbar transitioning to my dps/ascension spells on the right(which also extend to the right middle hotbar). This sets me up so when I'm hitting dps buttons they are right next to the group window for clicking in to single target heal someone, while single target heals are the thing I'm farthest away from on my hotbar setup(not that there's really that much space across hotbars, but I like this set up).
    Then I fill in the extra spots on the right side hotbars with a couple clickies and things that aren't really needed(bot, fd item, track harvestables). If you want I'd be happy to take a screen shot of my setup and share it.

    I looked at your AA's and the big thing I would say is in prestige make sure you are putting the points into the damage reduction on sanctify and then taking the base reuse reduction on divine guidance.

    Also as a side note, when using the dps stance you need 130% casting speed to cap it for your heal spells(the effect will say increases casting speed but it actually reduces it like the description says, so it's a little confusing, but you can see it by looking at cast times with and without it if you casting speed is low).

    Here's some minor stuff on the normal AAs:
    If you do solos and such you may want to look at picking up exorcise in the cleric tree as it does decent aoe damage and will murder trash for you, but for raiding and such it's minimal dps.
    If you are capping reuse speed, there is no need to put more than one point in holy arbitration in the shadows tree as the reuse that gives you does not go on top of normal reuse. Make sure to keep one point though for the ability to cast it on another group and the insta cast.
    In the dragon tree, Final Hope is probably not worth picking up...if you hit 2% health that tiny heal/damage is most likely not going to save your group so find somewhere else to slick 4 points.
    Same deal on overwhelming arms in the shadows tree....proccing 4 flurry is just meaningless, points are better spent on almost anything else.
    In the heroic tree, unless you are capping crit bonus it would be better to have 10 points into cb over potency(or just put those extra points from the other stuff into it).

    As far as adorns go, the only low level adorns that are worthwhile are the casting speed/reuse speed adorns if you aren't capping(these will be the incandescent ones which give 15% cast/reuse).
  5. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Evan all you need to do is hit me up when I'm on and ill walk you through whatever questions or holes you have in playing your templar again.