Sebilite Croaking Dirk

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Xoris, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xoris Guest

    I'm an 88 level ranger, in shard armor, and have my fabled epic. I'm still using the Sebilite Croaking Dirk, mainly for the poison buff. I hardly ever use a melee weapon with the 0 range bow. Should I be looking for a better weapon, and if so, what should I be looking for?
  2. ARCHIVED-Umub Guest

    I am not expert, but I quit using the croaking dirk for two reasons. First, I started soloing stuff in Sebilis for muting and it was nice to be able to mute the dirk cause it drops quite a bit. Second, I got the level 80 fabled blade of the withershadow and I needed the 4% crit chance (crit > poison proc). Of course the nice fabled 80 swords are next to impossible to get anymore cause no one runs that stuff. Also, you may already have 100% da and crit chance. If not, I would suggest getting a sword that gives you crit or DA.
    Now I am using the Brutallic Dagger from BGs. It has a nice proc, great stats (+67 Sta and Agi), nice health, power, etc and I could put a T9 2% crit bonus adornment on it. All of which adds up to better DPS than the poison proc I believe. However, I haven't really tried to do a comparison.
  3. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Drop it like it's hot. Look for a weapon with some bonuses to crit/da or better, Crit Bonus and Potency.
  4. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Well in any event crit bonus increases both CA and auto attack damage, so if you can get a weapon with a nice amount of crit bonus on it, it's still better. That is if you can easily get to about 110 crit chance.

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