Scarecrow King questline from Ponchy

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  1. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Solution for bugged quest is live!

    For those who are bugged due to doing this series of quests long ago, before achievements were in place, and who cannot get Ponchy to give them the first quest, Daybreak put in a goblin Goomle Gigglegibber in Antonica close to Ponchy in Windstalker village, to reset your old quest.

    Thanks GM Violetann for replying so promptly to petition, and on a weekend evening too <3
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The problem I had with this quest this year, was, even though I did not have a partially completed quest from last year, Ponchy started telling me to see Professor Heribert in Windstalker village and Professor Heribert had already told me to go with friends and meet him in the fields at McQuibbles Farm. The problem was, that is where the quest started, I did not have to investigate the farm in the daytime or nighttime, I did not have to find the Professor's friend, or find him dead by scarecrow a bit later. I went to Windstalker Village and the Professor immediately told me to go with friends and meet him in the fields after dark and after that, Ponchy told me to talk to the Professor and he would not speak to me because he had told me to go to the fields.

    I killed the Scarecrow King, all of that updated, then when I went back to Windstalker Village, I had to talk to the Professor again for Ponchy and that whole thing completed just by me talking to the Professor again. When I went pack to Ponchy, he asked me to find out why there were no more pumpkin pies. I did the entire questline again, killing the Scarecrow King again and it was done. But I didn't have anything left undone from last year, they just went wonky and started without me talking to Ponchy first. I did not talk to either of them again and have checked my journal on every log in since to make sure nothing from Windstalker Village has appeared.

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