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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by mutinay, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. mutinay New Member

    As an officer of one of the most active rp guilds on the Antonia bayle server The Spectre Cartel, i felt the need to tell those on the server that RP still goes on and quite frequently, there are many active guilds that RP on a daily basis, House Zen myr,silver circle,KoF,LoK,sacred hand,vagabond knights, to name a few examples. Also want to mention the V,Mier Syndicate who has begun to try and offer something different other than venue RP, There actions of chaos and terrorism have spilled into the streets of Freeport and have begun to terrorize thellocals and bring destruction in their wake. They vow to take RP to a darker place and have begun to do so.. those out there looking for RP are encouraged to seek out one of the many fine guilds mentioned, those in guilds now that wish for a fun dark free form non scripted RP, May write taiynas of the V,Mier Syndicate and see how you can get involved in the action. Thanks for reading and hope to see many more rejoin the fun in the RP community.

    The Spectre Cartel
  2. Antowas New Member

    I am in agreement with this. I joined one of the aforementioned guilds a week into my return to EQ by simply searching for Rp guilds with the in game interface. I have found that members of all of these guilds and the population in general are relatively open to RP at established venues (which are usually advertised in rplfg) and when out and about.
  3. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    That is really good to hear, imagination and the true spirit of adventure are not dead in eq2.

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