Root and Stun Durations Too Low

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Surgeon, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Surgeon Active Member

    On the original Nagafen, mages were the paper that killed rock aka tanks.
    And it was so because of root and stun.
    SKs were strong, yes, but manageable with stuns and roots, it was a close call.
    However on this server with the stun and root durations I don't see how a lifetap proccing SK with the mitigation of a turtle could possibly be beaten without fear, stun and root being available as a tool.

    Playing a 29 necro with at that time adequate gear, expert pet, master taps, expert fear and expert root
    I was getting my *** kicked by a 23 SK because neither stun nor root or fear seemed to have any effect.

    I'm aware of potions of freedom of x/y. That wasn't it.
    Effectively there is no counter to SKs.
    One can dispell but only if the SK doesn't get the jump and he will make sure he's hugging you at all times, knocking you around. You can try to root him but it will have no effect and in the case of necro after effect fear it doesn't go off either. Stun is laughably short, I'm not sure it even works. It's at least not long enough to get some distance and also mage spells require one to be standing still.

    SK > all.
    Ranger with fettering might be able to beat it but only if it isn't as gimped as the other control effects.
  2. SteveB Active Member

    There are various example of situations that are mirroring situations like that.
    Might become interessting when the next SK posts the opposite site of the story and complains again about Necro is to strong.

    Maybe take care to not break the root with a dot or ranged attack which can dispell the root effect.
  3. ALiav New Member

    The entire game is broken.

    PvP mitigation is out of control. Stun durations are too low. Root durations are too low. Proc gear is too high.

    It's all over the place.
  4. Surgeon Active Member

    Yeah. Here's the iWin button, or rather gear for sure PvP wins 1vs1 at least. Glyph/-1/-1

    Single handedly breaks everything. 600 ward proc, 5% chance + the 200 ward HQ boots + the 5% heal proc neck piece + the event BP from RoV, anything I'm forgetting?

    Oh yeah and the next joke?
    When you're not on recent you qualify as a "unique PvP kill"...
    so the same guy can farm the same 3 people and make the leaderboard.
    What the ****

    The whole server is a ******* joke starting with "Nagefen Coins".

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