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  1. dj000 Member

    My SK is almost level 99 and should hit 100 shortly. I am just about to purchase the new expansion and never purchased the last two. So. what parts of ToT and KA are required to move onto the newest expansion? I know there is tons of content. I actually just realized I skipped two expansions and not just one...I clearly took some time off :) I know I do well when I have a list of items to check off. I have my Epic 1.0 complete and just finished up my City Questline in preparation for Epic 2.0.

    So, who can help me out with a list of must-haves from ToT and KA please? Thanks in advance!
  2. Carynn Active Member

    Nothing is required for soloing, but if you are looking to group Epic 2.0 and a variety of adorns from PG are needed. You'll get armor from the PoP armor box upon entrance to the zone.
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  3. dj000 Member

    I'm working through the ToT Signature Quest Line right now and I'll do Tradeskilling Signature next. After that, I just need to figure out the deity system and it looks like I'm done with ToT. I feel bad for anyone who paid full price for that expansion if that is all the content....

    Then off to KA!
  4. Carynn Active Member

    ToT content is one day for soloers for adventure and one day for tradeskill, unless you wanted to do the key quests ad nauseum. It was the start of the disappointing expansions that has continued.

    You MUST have at minimum twark gear or panda gear before doing KA content, or you will die (everything you've done to earn gear in ToT is worthless). Best is to go to PoP and get the level 100 gear box, plus the potency bauble, before you start as that has the best gear.

    The deity system is dumb and also not worth anything to you as a new/returning player. Get the potency bauble from the box and use it. Then do nothing until you get to PoP and a RNG in zones drops CB/STA/Potency points. You will be greatly behind everyone who grinded CB/STA when KA came out and there's nothing to be done about it. Sorry!
  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Two things that trip up returning players is Ascension and Diety Points when you're moving back through ToT and AoM. There's enough information in the forums already available, so I'm not going to cover it here. That said, read up and plan ahead. You'll be glad you did. Hint: check diety every time you do adventuring, especially running instances. Visit your Ascension trainer at same time every day without fail and pick up scrolls.
  6. Carynn Active Member

    This is not true anymore. They changed the deity system. You have to buy something off a PoP broker to increase your points or get a +1 drop from a PoP zone. Buy the 50 potency point bauble off the panda merchant in SF and forget about deity until you reach PoP content, as that's how it goes now.
  7. Occam Well-Known Member

    They removed the bauble today:
  8. Dude Well-Known Member

    They removed it from the box in PoM, but they didn't say they removed it from the panda. Of course, I haven't checked to see if they did or not.
  9. dj000 Member

    I completed ToT Signature Quest Line & Tradeskilling Line. Went over to Zek to get the cool merc there. I'm currently working through KA Timeline, just finished up Greenmyst HQ's I had missed along the way. I was planning on skipping the Tradeskilling in KA unless someone gives me a reason not to. So, once I finish the KA Sig Line, I'll be headed to PoP. I don't think I'm far enough to do anything with Ascension yet. I don't see anything for me in Deity either. So, I'm just going through the quests and having fun. I did Baron's Laboratory last night and then was fun and even a bit challenging (first time in a while I've said that). Looking forward to playing the new content but hate to miss any of the main story along the way. I'll probably come back later and work on Epic 2.0. Suggestions are appreciated though! I noticed I still don't have a familiar - when should I start seeing those? Thanks for the feedback so far!
  10. Carynn Active Member

    You will likely get one killing the leafhoppers in the trees by the Luminous Spires in ToT or you can get one as a drop from the Public Quest in OF.

    The KA tradeskill line will give you enough faction with the Nae'Caldonean (however it's spelled) that they are not kill on sight, and same with the Goblin clan. Worth it to not have to faction grind either of those. You can get a previously BiS cloak as well (that is promptly replaced with the PoP box gear, I believe) from the goblin merchant. I think he also has a familiar for sale. You can get one in Proving Grounds, too.

    Go to Sundered Frontier and do the panda quests by the spire to pick up the ascension bauble and potency bauble for pre-level 101 content. You will not regret it.

    You can start Ascension only after you finish the KA signature line.

    I saw that, but is it in the PoP zones only? That's what it reads like, to me.
  11. Porrum Member

    It's one of the best Tradeskill questlines in game, if not the best. It explains the story for KA better than the adventuring line, it lets you befriend goblins and rock elves, it gives you an unlimited clicky teleport item that takes you right to Twark, it lets you exchange your Gathering Goblin (from TS AAs) for a houseplant that gives you rares and lv100 harvests once per day, and the Goblin ability becomes faster harvesting buff!

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  12. dj000 Member

    FWIW, I ended up doing the KA Signature Adventure Line and a few random quests that did themselves as I went through the zone. I didn't have any issues with faction and didn't die a single time (had my merc out too). So, equipment and faction were easy peasy. Reading over the latest comment makes me almost wish I had stopped to do the Tradeskillling one too. But after doing the ToT one and eager to get caught up to my guildies on the new content, I passed. Overall, I enjoyed the ToT timeline a lot more than KA. In KA I felt like I spent most of my time staring at the ground looking for shinies and required plants and crap. I know I'm way behind on Ascension, but hope the new content will get me there eventually. PoP is a blast so far!

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