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  1. Skade New Member

    So I played eq2 for a while, but left to go back to EQ1. This was about 4 or 5 years ago. I quit when 95 was max. My main was a Warden, and I logged onto her to get a feel for it and realized I had missed so much content. I figured I knew the class well enough to boost her to 110 after playing one for so long.
    This turned out to be false.
    I am 100% sure my AA tree needs to be fixed but I don’t know where to start. I’ve done reading as far as adornments and gear but all in all the game is so different now that I’m just at a loss. Any info on where to go from here, especially for my AA’s would be appreciated. For the record, I planned to solo around some until I made my way back to being comfortable and finding a guild as well (hopefully Maj’Dul is good for that!) Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. Nazy Well-Known Member

    The solo build they made is great.
    But, if you give me an hour I'll make you a nice long post for Warden AAs.
    Only one question: do you want self-rez?
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  3. Nazy Well-Known Member

    I played a 100 Warden once and here's something like the AAs I used.
    First off - the AA calculator is bad. Look at this instead. Otherwise the AAs won't make sense.;lt5!...!00a@40@3a011t1f!0@35050@3550150@3501050@3511

    Druid Tree
    1 Calm - Doesn't hurt to have a mez
    10 Charm - Great for soloing
    10 Wild Regeneration - there's only 9 points showed in the AA calculator because that 1 point showed in Shapeshift goes there.
    2 Nature Blade
    10 Wild Ferocity
    10 Natural Boon
    1 Primordial Strike
    10 Hierophant Grasp
    2 Hierophant Movement
    10 Hierophant Obfuscation
    1 Rebirth - Your self-rez. ! Read my note at the bottom of this section for an alternative.
    5 Thunderspike
    8 Stormcaller's Control
    SF - (the bottom line)
    8 Wild Protection
    8 Stormcaller's Renewal
    1 Tunare's Grace (the heart one below SF)

    ! WIS line alternative:
    2 more in Stormcaller's Control in INT line
    5 more Thunderspike in INT line
    10 Serene Focus in STA line
    1 Tunare's Grace (the one below SF)
    1 Calm in AGI line
    1 Tortoise Shell in AGI line - this is good for groups. Group indirect AoE prevention.
    2 extra points you can spend anywhere. I'd put them in Nature Blade in STR line

    Warden Tree - Melee Spec
    5 Dawnstrike - melee alternative to spell version. You keep both.
    5 Icefall Strike - melee alternative to spell version. You keep both.
    5 Enhance: Cure
    5 Enhance: Resurrections - good for grouping. Always pays to have god rez
    5 Enhance: Cure II
    5 Enhance: Warden of the Forest
    5 Frostbite Slice - melee alternative to spell version. You keep both.
    5 Enhance: Death Interventions - good for keeping those pesky mages alive
    4 Enhance: Regenerating Spores
    5 Enhance: Spirit of the Bat
    5 Enhance: Cure III
    5 Whirl of Permafrost - melee alternative to spell version. You keep both.
    5 Enhance Healing Grove
    Shatter Infections
    5 Animal Instinct..
    5 Hierophantic Regeneration
    1 Cyclone

    NOTE: The AA calculator is WRONG for the Shadows page. It shows I did used more points than I did. But go ahead and spend the same points as the AA calculator.

    5 Hearty Constitution
    5 Enhanced Mind - Optional, but I'd take it
    5 Protective Prayer - Optional
    5 Secular Protection
    1 Supplication of the Fallen - Raidwide rez. It's only 1 point. Also works as a group rez.
    5 Harmony of the Grove
    5 Elemental Mastery - Optional but I'd take it
    1 Wrath of Nature
    5 Aura of Health
    5 Healing Winds
    1 Glacial Assault - Offensive /DPS stance
    1 Nature's Aura - Healing stance

    Heroic Tree
    10 Spirit and Body
    10 Lightning Reflexes
    10 Critical Genius
    10 Expertise
    10 Spirit of Druidism
    1 Faith of the Fallen
    1 Howling with the Pack

    Dragon Tree
    Nature Dragon Scales
    10 Dauntless Spirit
    10 Sturdy Scales - that point tha AA calculator shows as being in the one above goes here
    10 Reprieve
    Wuoshi's Essence
    Wuoshi's Barrier - shows as 9, put that point from above it here

    This leaves you with 4 extra points at least.

    The one they did for you is good for the first page.

    Prestige (Warden)
    1 Essence of the Great Bear VIII
    8 Enhanced Vigor
    8 Imbued Sight
    4 Undeniable Power
    1 Rage of the Wild
    1 Cloak of Divinity

    Hope this help!
  4. Skade New Member

    Oh my gosh. Thank you so much, this definitely helps and I’m sure will be a total game changer as far as my capability, along with getting the gear from the box I’ve read so much about I’m assuming? I’ve just been going off posts and guides that have been made for what to do after you use the boost so any of this new info is definitely helpful. :)
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  5. Nazy Well-Known Member

    Just realized that the link is wrong... I made some adjustments while typing so my words might not match the pictures.
  6. FatherOfJedi New Member

    Thank you for this, Nazy. It has helped me a lot as well.
  7. Falcordragon New Member

    So I know this is an old-ish post but it's the most recent I could find with what looks like a decent Warden build (I'm trying to solo) the only thing is that you said (the prestige they gave you is fine) but I'm not seeing a link to anything in that original post so I'm confused. :)
  8. Edaine Member

    Edaine on Halls of Fate, I have my character open if you want to copy mine.