Returned player - how to level a familiar?

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  1. Andric Member

    Got potions off the panda - its still only level 4 after getting lucky on a few potions off chests but I am finding no real way to elvel it to 10 to make it worthwhile.
  2. Bramdar Active Member

    The guide for new and returning players ( has a section on Familiars. The Familiars Wild quest offered daily by the stewards will grant you additional familiars that can be used to level your active one, but this will be a slow process.

    The fastest way to level familiars is to do Overseer tasks (the Overseer system is covered in the same guide.) Those tasks sometimes award familiar xp potions that grant 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 experience. You won't always get those potions every time you complete a task, but they're frequent enough that you'll see several before too long.
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  3. Andric Member

    levelling overseer taking a long time and it's a mechanic I really dislike :/ at 24 and it's killing me with tedium. Quit before as toi many time sinks etc, looks like I will again
  4. DENSER Well-Known Member

    especially knowing that the time spent farming these potions, another pet will emerge.
    It is the serpent biting its own tail.
    Coming back to the game, 4 years ago I spent 1 year stocking all potions.
    I was able to be up to date for the release of vov but with hindsight I found it ridiculous to come to such a point .
    Especially telling me that it will always be the same each time a new familiar comes out .
    In short, leaving the live and looking elsewhere was very beneficial to me.
  5. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    I hope you haven't spent the panda pots. You'll want them for the last couple of levels on a familiar, and probably not until you've got all your ducks in a line to be able to play the latest content fully. So maybe not until the next expansion. Don't waste them whatever you do.
  6. Cyenadros Member

    don't bother with the celstial merc, a legendary/fabled merc will do the job fine and won't take 50 familiar xp pots to level up once