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  1. ARCHIVED-Blaidd Guest

    Anyone know of a way to parse the % of spells being resisted? Since the latest update I am seeing more resists but have no way to prove it (that I know of).

    I am lvl 90 with Expert T9 Root spells and today I got 100% resists trying to root lvl 80^^^, In instances I am hearing the resist sound more and more (from parses I am seeing melee miss less and less) and wondered if there is some way to prove this so Sony have to fix it and restore balance to the T1 dps classes.
  2. ARCHIVED-Oddwhispers Guest

    Under ACT there is a tab that shows hit rate aka resists.
  3. ARCHIVED-Blaidd Guest

    Its not working then. It shows I had a 100% hit rate when all my roots were resisted outright.

    I guess its only showing dmging spells which rarely get outright resisted just reduced in dmg.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nusku Guest

    You're not the only one noticing the resists.
    Since the release of SF, I've concentrated my online time leveling a Shadowknight. Only recently have I begun leveling my warlock again and GAH, nothing stays rooted (even though my root is a master). The targets break root with the FIRST nuke.....that is, if the root doesn't fail (which it does often).
    I was thinking SoE either nerfed both of our Roots or broke them with the SF patch.
  5. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    I had an 89% spell hit rate through a heroic zone yesterday..

    I been getting 96 - 97% hit rates when dropping 8 dummies at once. (dummies should be 100 imo, shouldnt resist)

    I also got a gross amount of resists when I solo'd shard of love yesterday. For the mobs all being blue they sure resisted my spells alot. Valor was just gross as far as his resisting went.

    I think something is a bit weird...hope a dev spots this.
  6. ARCHIVED-ajrm000 Guest

    i think they have made some changes to the root, but now with SF there is TONS of gear/adornments that give you +subjuation/disruption/ordination. just get a couple of those adornments and you wont have any problems hopefully hehe.
  7. ARCHIVED-XustinuS Guest

    Yeah i also realised a resist on dummy yesterday... i was like whaaatt?... actually i also wonna see immune on dummy :D... or reflect would be nice
  8. ARCHIVED-ajrm007 Guest

    yes its quite odd, even with over 700 in disruption skill and master disruption buff + gear with disruption on + items with less ressisbility, i am still getting like half my spells ressisted even though they are masters :(
  9. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    I have definitely noticed issues with resists, in all though it seems to boil down to these points:
    1. It does not seem to matter how much disruption, subjugation, etc you have...if the mob is anything above even con it gains considerable resistability even with an excess of 600 - 700+ casting skill and all masters.
    2. It doesn't seem to matter if you throw on your noxious debuff, even with enhancements to its debuff value your spells will not gain much of a higher hit-rate, adn will still be mitigated and deal low damage, but all of a sudden when brigand and other debuffs land your spells suddenlly hit far, far harder and nearly never get resisted.
  10. ARCHIVED-ReverendPaqo Guest

    I was noticing in BGs and between matches fighting mobs last night that my young warlock's master spells aren't hitting any more frequently than her lower quality spells. My wizzy lands spells way more frequently against mobs or other players, even if I strip her down to proportionately similar or equal gear. It's very disappointing to have to cast a master root 4 times to land it on something then it get broken after 1 or 2 spell casts. I've stopped casting my root altogether tbh.

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