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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-dartie, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-dartie Guest

    I'm hoping for an explanation of the distinction between repair material and pristine repair material.
    I see that one costs 6g from fuel merchant and the other costs 60g.
    My carp just got high enough last night to make a rosewood patch kit, so I bought 2 of the regular repair materials and made one. There were lots on the broker already, so I had to put mine up at 14g. Since I paid 12 for the 2 repair materials and another 2ish for fuel/mats, I guess I'm not seeing this as the moneymaker I heard that it was. Is there some trick to making money with patch kits that involves using the pristine repair material?
  2. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    The pristine is used in making a mender bot-a tinkered item. I've not ever sold the kits (I jsut make them for a raiding guild) so I can't speak to their ability to make money. I'd wodner if the mender bot put a ***** in the repair kit market? (although on some levels, the repair kits are cheaper per use)
  3. ARCHIVED-Kari Guest

    Sounds like the profit margin was just driven down by the amount of competition. You might want to watch the prices for a while and see if they go up. On my server they have gone for around 18 gold when I was shopping for them. I have since made a repair bot, which is actually more expensive to use, but more convenient for the guild.
  4. ARCHIVED-metacell Guest

    Here on Runnyeye, the repair kits seem to go for around 14 - 15 gold. Which means a profit margin of 2 - 3 gp per kit. It's not huge, but not bad either.

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