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    Long gone are the days when Manaburn was a class defining ability.

    Check out the parse below, where Sacdaddy hit a 93k Manaburn back in 2007 EoF, when wizards were only parsing 2.5k dps on raid zonewides. On Kaladim, Manaburn seems to hit for an average of 55-65k even though we are doing 8-10k dps on raid zonewides. Feels bad man.

    In raid, ice comet can do more damage than manaburn. If you consider the fact that the cast time of manaburn is 33% longer than ice comet, and the fact that manaburn takes away literally all of your mana, using it in raid is nothing but a liability.

    Manaburn shouldn't be impacted by potency, that would make it overpowered. But....there are other options to make it at least worth speccing/casting:

    1. Decrease the Cast time of Manaburn significantly to increase its efficiency.
    --At first glance, changing it to a 1 second base cast would make it a pretty good spell that's worth casting.
    2. Increase the amount of magic damage for each point of power consumed
    --On average, i'm getting about 58k hits on manaburn. At 8 points, my average hit in theory would be about 116,000. At this amount of damage, manaburn becomes worth speccing/casting. Given that lifeburn is regularly doing half a million damage or more, this is no way close to being an overpowered ability.


    -Sacdaddy - FTH - April 2007
    Allies: (20:39) 25242690 | 20373~ [Sacdaddicus-Manaburn-93108]
    Sacd 3027333 | 2443 | 634
    necro 2785059 | 2248 | 919
    ranja 2481907 | 2003 | 757
    Assa 2134166 | 1722 | 1044
    zerk 1996999 | 1612 | 242
    zerk 1684328 | 1359 | 576

    MT 1661820 | 1341 | 303 (guard)
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  3. tuleyn New Member

    I apparently can't spell my own name, but nice post man! Agree wholeheartedly!
  4. Sixgauge Active Member

    that's impressive you still have parses from 2007.
  5. Rayzor Member

    A week ago I spec'd it to give it a try - I cast it one time and it hit as hard as ice comet. I respec'd. Even with 40 points already spent in wizard tree I still won't put a point in it.
  6. Chrexx Member

    Rayzor, I experienced exactly the same thing. Last night in Emerald Halls, my high hit on Manaburn was 62,336, ice comet was 57,762, and fusion was 72,445.

    How is this even an end line ability?

    @dreamwaver @gninja @caith @someonewhocanhelp
  7. Inmyprime Member

    If manaburn is buffed, I expect to get 100% fervor and 100% double cast out of focused casting for my warlock. Also, increase the duration to 1 minute. Thanks
  8. Chrexx Member

    Warlocks are actually pretty well tuned from what I can see. One of our warlocks in Emerald Halls last night parsed within 4% of the wizard with similar buffs/gear.

    Right now, literally none of the wizard end-lines really do anything.
    1. Iceshape and fireshape: These no longer provide any benefit since frigid gift and surge of ro just procs on hostile spell. These spells historically made sense, but no longer serve a purpose in the game.
    2. Range: Wizards only really need additional range for firestorm and fusion. But.. troubs spec into range for the group, and wizards already have other AA that can increase the range of firestorm and fusion....
    3. Manaburn: Welp... read my original post ;)
    Changing Manaburn at this point would basically be fixing a bug, as I don't think the Devs intended for every Wizard tree end-line in game to be useless.

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