Reckoning - Varsoon - "hardcore" casual

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    <Reckoning> is a "hardcore" casual guild on Varsoon
    • We raid twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday at ~9pm EST (we're split between East/West)
    • Looking to build out 2nd half of raid team (healers, dps, support) for Fire&Ice/Deception/OOLS
    Who are we?
    We are a small, tight-knit guild looking for more members to round out our roster on Varsoon for raiding, HQs, and anything else the game has to offer. We're a group of PvP /PvE MMO veterans from games like DAoC, Warhammer Online, WoW, EQ, Lost Oasis and other games. Many of us have experience in server/world firsts in these games, but as we've gotten older, gotten more responsibilities in life, we have less time to commit despite having the desire for a similar edge. We built Reckoning a refuge for people who want to achieve high goals, but still have a casual laid-back atmosphere and an understanding life has its time constraints.

    Many of us are new to the EQ2 - having never played it - and are enjoying world (and the subsequent lack of knowledge) that comes with it. We're finding out new things together and are largely looking for like-minded, skilled players who have good attitudes and focus on teamwork/strategic play to accomplish our goals. If you're looking for a guild to tell you about every nook and cranny of EQ2, we're not it. If you want a guild of people who are in it for the long haul, want to learn new things together, and want to see all the content the game has to offer - take a look at us. Decisions within the guild are made democratically and we strive to make every voice heard. So if you are looking for a skilled guild with friendly players that are going to work to be successful and understand life has its constraints, then look no further then <Reckoning>