Fixed Internally "Ready Up" prestige AA bug - gets worse with more points

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Bord, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. Bord Active Member

    Ready up is one of the new prestige aa's that every class gets (with variations on what causes it to proc). Random proc, can go off every 120 seconds with 1 point, 100 sec with 2, 80 sec with 3 points.

    Also sets a 120 sec lockout on all reset abilities from working other than itself when it procs.

    Currently, the 120 sec lockout is stopping ready up, but not other ones, it's backward. By locking itself out, it makes extra points in the AA downgrade the skill rather than upgrade it.

    The effect is that ready up procs, sets the 120 sec lockout, then procs again during the reset lockout and fails to work but sets it's reuse again. In effect it makes it worse with more points:
    1 point = 120 sec reuse
    2 points = 200+ second (supposed to be 100)
    3 points = 160+ second (supposed to be 80)
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  2. Beee Well-Known Member

    I dont think so:
    ReadyUp 1/3: 2,5% chance, 120 sec prevent, can trigger every 120 sec
    ReadyUp 2/3: 5% chance, 120 sec prevent, can trigger every 100 sec
    ReadyUp 3/3: 10% chance, 120 sec prevent, can trigger every 80 sec

    if you make an ability cast every 5 seconds .. ReadyUp1 can trigger every 3 min, this will not prevented so it will really trigger every 3 min

    ReadyUp1 can trigger every 50 seconds, a lot of trigger will be prevented by ether the 80 sec or prevented by the global trigger, but overall the chance to trigger is much higer than with ReadyUp1

    What'S strange is the behavio that ReadUp itself sometimes resets at the fist cast, and sometimes it does nothing for minutes. But YES it often triggers and does not rest anything because of the 120 sec global prevention
  3. Bord Active Member

    I'm a little confused why you would wait 5 seconds between casting spells, but that has nothing to do with the bug anyway.
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  5. Flatline Well-Known Member

    any update from the QA ?
  6. Flatline Well-Known Member

    QA still going i guess?
  7. Caith Developer

    The functionality of Ready up will change in the Game Update and should address these issues.
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