Rays of Disintegration: Renewed Identity

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    DISCLAIMER: Please respect this post. It is a legitimate post that attacks nobody, especially developers. This is merely an idea page for one of our spells that I feel lost its purpose along the way. Please share your ideas and opinions. I certainly encourage the imagination of fellow community wizards to help give identity to a spell that in my mind, sort of needs it. As most of us are familiar with the original concept of the spell, fellow group mages were required to maximize the potential damage output of RoD. In concept, this spell was excellent and very unique. The problems began when wizards became embarrassed to cast the spell for fear of retribution from his/her fellow robe-wearing comrades. For some time now, RoD has become, at its core, an incredibly long range and heavier Ball of Fire. Personally, I'd like to see RoD become specialized again by means of somehow gaining benefit from group mages. Perhaps during RoD's casting time, a small percentage of maximum mana is drained from group mages, thus based on the total amount of mana taken from allies, a potency increase is added to the spell. ~ This gives the original concept of the spell some spirit back, requiring group mages to maximize the spell's potential, but is still slightly detrimental as it is a power leech from friends and yourself. This is merely one idea that I feel would be a great way to make RoD unique once more, making the wizard focus the energies of his/her magical comrades into one blast of energy, without the irritation of casting interrupts. Just a thought, but would like to hear from others as well. I would really like to see this spell become unique again, as opposed to a simple, medium-hit fire spell. Thank you for reading.
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    How about going the opposite way. Make casting RoD give other mages in the raid (yes raid) a short duration buff to their heat damage spells. That way casting RoD at an appropriate time would be highly beneficial, but casting RoD randomly or at the wrong moment _won't_ have a negative effect on other mages.