Rare Harvest chance is not working in Blinding

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tasburath, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. Tasburath Member

    I have 27.3% rare harvest chance and max mining skill.

    In over 30 minutes of harvesting for Primal Luclizite shards, I have gotten 2 rares so there is no way the rare harvest stat is working properly.
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  2. Tasburath Member

    In addition, my mining is 803 and base skill is capped.
  3. Craft New Member

    Same here, I have 36,6% rare harvest and have spent hours upon hours trying to get rares without much luck. So far I have got overall between 25 and 30 rares in a month, it should be at least 10 times that amount by now.
    Another thing is the shadow harvest, nothing to talk about for a month, just a big disaster.
    So, I have quit harvesting in the Blinding for now until the dev. team see fit to fix this disaster.
  4. Bentley101 New Member

    I enjoy the shadow aspect of the game rares in 30 minutes I can get up to 10 that's a fantastic turn around! Thanks to Den updated suggestions. I ran 1 hour of regular nodes on only 12% and I was able to get 18 pomes rares and 10 mushrooms a few other rares so I'm not sure how you're running your harvesting.
  5. morderir Active Member

    well i think the range loved you :) i usually run for around 8-15 rares per hours harvesting all node i find with around 37% rare harvest ( not counting the root which are the only rare which get an ok drop rate).. bug or working as intended ????
  6. Fauna New Member

    Not seen any acknowledgement of this yet, but it's still very much the case. All nodes bar roots seem to ignore the rare harvest chance.
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  7. Zynt Well-Known Member

    It's not just the Blinding, it's all BoL zones.

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