Ranger Bow Damage Idea

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Blackard, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Just a thought that I have been mulling around in regard to making, rangers a more viable class for groups, and more like what a ranger should be.


    Bow damage Idea:

    Change the whole concept of bow damage from straight numbers to percentages, with each of these initial shots based on long range low agro.

    Each time the ranger fires his bow he can do basic damage, but with Crit hit percentages depending on where the shot hits.

    Each shot has a high percentage chance of taking 1/8 hp from a mob.

    Each shot has a lesser chance of taking 1/4 hp from a mob

    Each shot has an even a lesser chance of taking 1/2 hp from a mob,

    Each shot has an ultimately rare percentage of taking 2/3 % from a mob.

    With 1/8 shot, this can be repeated up to 4 times in a single mob, taking 1/8 from the remaing hp-with great luck it could happen though not likely.

    With 1/4 shot, this can be repeated up to 2 times in a single mob-again, with great luck

    With 1/2 shot, no repeat possible, but the possibility of a 1/8 shot bonus would exist, which would again, be very lucky as the 1/2 would not be common and maybe occure in one out of ten pulls.

    With 1/3 shot, no repeat crit possible on this very rare, but very deadly bow strike to the heart.



    High sword dps in groups.
    Very high dodge and parry skills that would not allow them to actually tank, but to avoide damage to a certain degree when they draw agro rather then just getting pummeled until they loose it. Rogues should get that also.



    Same ranger skills: Track, travel spells, and maybe a group buff or two.

    just some thoughts for my, as usual, red headed stepchild ranger friends that nowone seems to know what to do with...:smileywink:
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    Forgot to add that the percentages would go down as the level of mob went up in relation to the group. In short, there would be a higher chance of any crit with a blue, green or gray then there would be an yellow, orange, or red.
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    Blade Flurry really helps out a lot on arrows. I keep blade furry up all the time, and it's very satisfying when I can drop a mob down to half health on it's way to me when I get a blade furry proc.