Randomly get nice sans-serif font

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  1. azcn2503 Active Member

    Sometimes I start the game up and instead of using the normal serif font I have a nice, smooth, easy to read sans-serif font. Note that this is not the same font that is used when activating the 'use small sans-serif font' setting in the UI options.

    Here's what it looks like in-game:



    I wish I could reproduce this error permanently! It just looks so nice and smooth!
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  2. Cataclysm Active Member

    I've started to get this too and it's actually a fantastic font.. would like to keep it!
  3. Finora Well-Known Member

    Huh, that's what mine always looks like and has for years. I wonder why some have been seeing a different font?
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  4. Cataclysm Active Member

    Because the default font looks different to this.
  5. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Yea when I log in, it's 50/50 which font I get.
  6. Enoibia Well-Known Member

    I've always had the font that's shown in the OP's picture.
  7. azcn2503 Active Member

    The default UI font is Zapf Calligraphic 801 BT Roman.

    If small sans-serif fonts are enabled, the font changes to Arial Tahoma but the font size becomes a lot smaller than shown in the screenshot above.

    The bug here seems to change the font to Arial, but retain the default/larger font size. It looks quite nice.

    For comparison, here is what the default font looks like:


    And this is what it looks like when the small sans-serif font option is enabled:

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  8. Cataclysm Active Member

    How confident are you that it's Arial? The reason I ask is that when systems can't find fonts they "fall back" on something similar and on Windows when Tahoma is not found it resorts to Arial.
  9. azcn2503 Active Member

    Very confident! I'm a bit of a font geek.
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  10. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    If I remember correctly, somewhere in the settings (advanced) there is an option to choose small sans-serif font. My guess is that sometimes when I log in that setting turns on or off for no particular reason. Which is why every time I log I get one of the two fonts.
  11. a_shrubbery Member

    To increase the font size I found a small UI modification in this reddit post.

    Then, to replace the "Zapf Calligraphic 801 BT Roman" font, you can edit eq2ui_textstyles.xml in the above mentioned mod, or in the UI/ Default / folder (recommend to zip it first, in case you break something).

    Search for

    FontName="Zapf Calligraphic 801 Bold BT"
    Replace with

    I also deleted the other attribute in the same XML lines:


    Now for the interesting part.. you can likely place a nice sans-serif font other than Arial in the UI / fonts / folder and then reference the TTF file in that "PrivateFontPath" attribute.

    I wonder what would be a nice replacement for Arial. Any suggestions?
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  12. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Whenever I check my mission timers the fonts go small and I have to reboot to fix it, no matter what I do. But I don't use the default UI so it may be something on their end.
  13. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Bless you! I was able to get this to work with DarqUI. I zipped the DarqUI folder before I made changes so I could revert if needed (thanks for the suggestion!). I then downloaded and unzipped the LargeFont UI and dragged the files into my DarqUI folder. I did not replace the eq2ui_skininfo.xml file... it works!
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  14. a_shrubbery Member

    I got it further now by doing simple edits in eq2ui_textstyles.xml . For example if you simply change the point size for CombatBubbleStyle / CombatBubbleCritStyle, and set it to Arial the "floating damage" will be much larger and readable in combat. I also made some text bold so the tabs in character sheet are bold instead of regular like the main text.

    Try this file (on top of the LargeFonts) previously mentioned and let me know if that is better :

    - sets bold text for tabs and titles (eg. sections of Preferences pane), for more type contrast
    - ... which also sets the NPC / mob names in bold, so it's more readable
    - increases font, uses arial, for the "floating damage" so you can see it better on 1440p

    Click the Raw button in this code snippet, and Save As into your custom UI folder (back it up first if you use a big modification like Profit and whatnot, I don't know what they do with fonts).

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  15. a_shrubbery Member

    Updated the gist (above) to increase the "on screen message " font size.

    Here's what it looks like so far:


    This is actually more about 1080p + font sizes than just Arial. I might eventually put this up eq2 interface. I think setting everything in Arial would be a mistake, since different font types also adds contrast. So for example the on screen message (ie. zone name) looks nice in serif, while the smaller text is more readable in sans-serif.

    If you use just EQ2MAP, you can save the xml file in the UI / EQ2MAP folder , it shouldn't overwrite.
  16. a_shrubbery Member

    Please let me know if you know where I can edit the quests summary window (the HUD one, not the full journal). I want to increase the font size there.
  17. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, again! Works great... and I was able to reset the screen resolution on my TV to the recommended setting... couldn't use it before because the fonts were too small for me to read.