Questions from a returning Player after a long time

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  1. Elledar New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I am a returning player but stopped a while ago. I boosted my Shadow Knight to 120 and I am wondering how and if I should replay things like Kunark Ascending for the ascension classes and other expansions for other stuff and to better understand the story.

    I also read about the panda quest, I guess I should do them too?
    Does it make sense to chronomentor down to play old content starting with Kunark Ascensing all the way through until the newest expansion?

    Best wishes,
  2. Ayodi Active Member

    Your ask is entirely dependent upon what you enjoy doing, and how much time you have. To experience previous content can only enhance your understanding of game content, and will yield insight to gain advantage later in the storyline. I recommend picking up what you have missed. If it is your goal to join a currently active end game raid force by the end of the month, no. Pandas are helpful and are worth the time, in my experience.

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  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    To answer the one part about ascensions, you don't need to play KA at all for that. You can get all of the ascension classes to max level through the panda.
  4. Elledar New Member

    Thank you very much for your answers. I would like to play casually, so I think I will chronometer down and start from KA to experience the lore and world.
    If I chronometer down, am I still leveling up from 120?
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  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    Two things:
    1. Even chronomentored, you will plow through all the lower level content. You are still going to be very overpowered compared to the content.
    2. Lower level content won't really help you level past 100. At that point, you'll need to start doing PoP and the following expansions to do that. That is for both adventure and crafting levels.
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  6. Elledar New Member

    Okay, thank you ver much. Is there something else I should do or should not forget? Wich mercaneries are recommended or wich familiars should I get?
  7. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    Familiars Wild is the daily quest to getting familiars, but it is random reward. You can get one from the Panda, but it is from a couple years ago. Obviously, the best ones to get is current season Celestial, but the only guaranteed way to get one is to buy the PE edition of VoV, which costs more than it did in previous years. However, the Fabled Stork from the CE does add nice benefits to your character.

    I am not sure of the quality of the CE/PE mercs from VoV, or even the names any found in drops, sorry. Captain Kalael is a dropped Celestial Healer merc from RoS. Great merc. Unfortunately the cost of buying the token for this one has gotten excessive and, IMO, unreasonable. Oor of Umbra, a Fabled Healer merc, is also purchasable on broker but not as expensive. It will require you to either be able to fly to hire or have someone use Call of the Veteran to get you there. Daharth is a Fabled tank. I am unable to say if tank mercs are any good since I prefer healers, but Daharth is very cheap on the Broker right now. Unfortunately, hiring him also requires flight in Echo Canyon or CotV.
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  8. tasnee Well-Known Member

    I would say stay away from that Daharth tank merc — unless they somehow fixed him. Last I checked he was broken and kinda worthless combat wise. (That may have changed though, I’m not sure.)
  9. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    But from a roleplay perspective, he looks AMAZING with my conjurer when she wears her mushroom hat, has her mashroom familiar out, her earthen combat is in a mushroom form, aaand her Vale of Halfpint Delight is a veritable Fungi Farm, complete with a Player Studios Mushroom House, LOL.
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  10. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Well, there ya go, roleplay is great too!
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