Questions concerning possible game updates???

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Paigan, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Paigan New Member

    I am on the unrest server...not really sure if this has come up before since this is my first time on the forums but i had a few questions that have popped up between me and several guildmates.
    1. Guilds got the capability to achieve level 100 but all they got for amenity upgrades were larger items of amenities that were already in place. ie. depot storage. The idea was brought up for possibly a guild reforger. Another suggestion was to have the guild adventure writ giver to be able to give all level writs instead of just level 70 or higher; saving lower level guildmates the hassle of running thru every zone in town to get all 4 writs for every faction of town.
    2. Another thing i was wondering about is how come there is no status reduction on guild halls. Status reduction works for player houses but not the halls??? Put them carpenters to work.
    3. Epic Reprecussions allows level 80s to obtain there mythical versions of there epics; but it seems a little out of sorts that the beastlord and channeler classes are NOT allowed to do this quest. Not really sure about the other servers but on the unrest server there are not many beastlords that have there mythicals. How come those 2 classes are not allowed to do the epic reprecussions quest???

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