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  1. Zantiavo New Member

    As a brand-new player, should I start on Kaladim or a normal server?

    I recently returned to EQ, and I'm thinking of dipping my toe into EQ2, as I wonder if it might be friendlier to solo play, which I often prefer. Since I missed out on all of the original content, the Kaladim server might be a good idea. However, it seems it's been live for a long time, so I wonder how many expansions have already unlocked. If a lot of content has already unlocked, would it be better to go with a normal server?
  2. dorotea Well-Known Member

    My experience is limited with Kaladim but I can say with reasonable confidence that it is the most populous server now and also is the hardest to solo on. So if you want to solo you will have a struggle, and will just get lag from the high population not groups. There are guilds on all the other servers that focus on lower level content you might consider those.
  3. Zantiavo New Member

    OK. Thank you for the advice, Dorotea. I think I'll go with AB. How is the economy on the servers? I remember this game had one of the most engaging crafting systems I'd ever seen. Is it still possible to craft and sell items, or does everyone just make everything themselves?
  4. dorotea Well-Known Member

    AB is a good choice - it is one of the less crowded servers which means it is one of the nicer ones. But it is far from empty. I suspect that crafting will not be a particularly good source of revenue at lower levels since most people focus on the higher levels and for ordinary content someone with a mercenary doesn't really need good gear at all. At maximum level the scholar crafts are still useful and provisioner somewhat useful but the other crafts won't let you sell much profitably. You can easily get better than crafted gear so few people do a lot of crafting other than scholar.
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  5. Zantiavo New Member

    OK, that's good to know. Thanks again for the advice! :)

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