Qeynos City Festival: April 1-7, 2013

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    It's time for the Qeynos City Festival!

    The Far Seas Trading Company is pleased to bring this traveling festival to Qeynos once again. The Qeynos City Festival is a highly-anticipated spectacle, in which all Norrathians may participate. Also in town is the Qeynos Aether Race. Catch them before they leave!


    Each month, a different city is chosen to host this week-long event; Gorowyn, Neriak, Freeport, Qeynos, Halas and Kelethin each get a chance to put on their own version of the occasion. Qeynos will be playing host this month, so make your way to the city and join in the fun!

    Adventurers who visit the City Festival will find quests, collections and rewards, many of which are city-specific.

    For more information about City Festivals and their rewards, be sure to visit these fabulous guides from our fansites:
    Each city has its own collection quest, so be sure to run through the Qeynos Postage Collection quest to earn your Qeynos -themed mailbox for your home!

    The Qeynos City Festival will begin on April 1st at 12:01am PDT and run until April 7th at 11:59pm PDT. The festival only comes to Qeynos twice a year, so don't miss out!
  2. Karta New Member

    He-ey.. if Qeynos is the capital city of hate, my Dark Elf is going to be very disappointed! :p
  3. Taemisa Active Member

    Oh my, Antonia Bayle is not going to be happy with you slandering her city, Dexella. Capital city of hate? And I can just imagine Queen Cristanos of Neriak gnashing her teeth. :p
  4. Ridolain Active Member


    Uhm ... you know ... I am one of the guardsmen in Qeynos (RP-wise) and if the city has changed it's creed, I would have like to known that!
  5. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    *whistles* What? Where? I don't see that quote...;)

    (It's been fixed. Please send my apologies to Antonia, as I will be hiding from Queen Cristanos for the rest of the day.)
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  6. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Lolz - Love the city festivals! Gonna stock up on some Qeynos goodies this week.


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