PVP Beta? PLEASE!!!!

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Exulia, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Exulia New Member

    I have been with EQ2 since launch in 2004. I absolutely LOVE this game. Hence why I am still here in 2020.

    I was a hardcore PVPer and pretty much exclusively PVP once it was launched. I have tried everything to the moon. I still can not find the game in combination of lore that gave me the thrill and enjoyment that EQ2 PVP has over the years.

    I enjoyed my time in BETA, Deathtoll and the re-launch of Nagafen. I feel the BETA period and testing was too short. I still feel like there is another chance.

    Please give us a BETA PVP server so we can come back to this game. I have invested so much time and money into this game and would love to be a part of the growth and rebuild of beloved EQ2 PVP! I want to help keep this game alive and strong for many years to come! Please, do not give up on PVP. We can all work together to help build a strong, sustainable, permanent PVP server.:)
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  2. Nanno New Member

    I've also played since launch, and everyday I'm scrolling through the forums to see if there is any new update on pvp. Please bring it back!!
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    for the sake of all the people who love PvP I too hope it will come back , I hope the long wait will be rewarded with something totally awesome .
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    I keep scanning Discord, but nothing yet.

    Now would be a great time, though, what with most people hunkered down at home. :cool:
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  5. Deadlyfocus Active Member

    I am sorry to tell you but there isn’t enough players who want to pvp, so it will never be priority. I am playing from the start and love the thrill of a pvp but I won’t be holding breath.
  6. Exulia New Member

    That is extremely false information that there is plenty of data to prove that there are "enough" players who want PVP. Check the census data on the initial PVP Beta release, Deathtoll and the Nagafen PVP event servers where you were only able to create 1 character per account. The community quit playing once we were neglected and forced into a black hole where all of our characters and the server were to be wiped. Terrible model that was inevitably going to fail. The event server helped raise a bunch of money to help build new PVE content for live servers... How do you think that makes us feel? We want a permanent server and have been asking for it for years now. Apparently, it is "too much work" for the devs to handle... If Amazon said it was too much work to maintain the demand of their services would they have the nerve to tell their share holders and paying customers, sorry its too much work? That is why I proposed the beta server. We as the community can help re-create the game as it once was and help the devs revive it. Kandor gave us hope and seemed as if he was willing to help work with us to bring back the "rakish" spirit of EQ2 PVP. EQ2 is one of the few MMORPGs that can pull off open world PVP with the 3 faction system. Good vs Evil vs Exile.

    This was JAN of 2019!!! https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-nagafen-pvp-beta-server-announce-feb-2019

    I get it, the devs are being pushed to create new content but lets be honest... the old content and code is great. Just look at how live and electric old MMORPG Emulators and the TLE servers have been...

    Live servers are not great for new players...Without mercenaries (which ruined the whole point of a MMO in the first place, no body groups low level anymore) paired with the inflated stats and economy its not easy to just hop in and start this game. If a new player wants to try this game TLE is absolutely the way to go. Especially when it comes to PVP. There are hardly ANY open world PVP MMORPGs left (that are good). Once word gets out that EQ2 brought back open world PVP and its actually good, it'll start to attract new players and help give this game the boost it needs. Its already a great game and has proven to be for many years. Why not want to maximize it and make it better?

    Which is a bigger risk as a company, fix what you already have and listen to your loyal veteran community OR creating new content in hopes that its good enough to pass the player base's judgement? I mean, you tell me... sounds like a bigger gamble if the new content sucks.

    PVP is content that re-creates itself, every day is a different experience. PVE reaches its end once the content runs out. SMH need I go on? I'm tired of watching the MMORPG genre die and most of all my beloved EQ2. I am going to do everything I can to fight to keep it alive. Its 2020, look at the trends in the video game industry. People want competition. I just so happen to want both EQ2 AND competition ;)
  7. Exulia New Member

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