Prime Magnate Mrelg

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vumra, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Vumra New Member

    Why would you put in a mob that you have to DEACTIVE challenge mode while his is bouncing you around and has an interupt evey 15 seconds. Combine the 2 and 9 out of 10 times you CAN NOT GET HIM OUT OF CHALLENGE MODE !!

    You should be clicking him to PUT him into this mode. I don't raid i don't have access to RAID gear, i don't want challenge mode in the first day of an EPAC.

    Fix it!

    Or someone post the bug to kill this guy because yet again SOE does an epic fail on a simple mob.
  2. Gideon Member

    its not that hard, you have about 30 seconds to click him, even if he does knock back every 15 second "wich he doesent" you would have plenty of time to click him.
  3. Tylia Well-Known Member

    When he is calling the darkness, he does not have an interrupt.
  4. Velkai New Member

    Actually its only about 20 seconds and he has a pulsing AoE that stops you from clicking if you don't have enough focus. It took me more then few tries to actually interrupt it.
  5. Karrane Well-Known Member

    I do agree with the OP.... it should be set to "CLICK to put him into CM:.
  6. Sheene Member

    That was the fastest 30 seconds I ever saw. Mind you I was floating around for a lot of it. Please change this to "If you want this harder, demonstrate this by clicking on the mob while your flying up in the air!"
  7. Lakih New Member

    This must be the dumbest mechanic ever created in the history of this game. I'm all up for a challenge but having a mob that first of all doesn't challenge you on a hard mode fight right away but can do so after you have fought for a while isn't very fun. You have about 10 seconds to counter the ritual, not 30. My encounter with this mob have so far been;
    1. Learning that you have to click on him NOT to go into challenge mode.
    2. Getting constanty interupted while trying to click on him (there is a "cast time" on the interupt-him-turning-into-hardmode click).
    3. Having him spawn two adds and then challenge you so that you have 3 mobs interupting you while trying to get him not to go into hard mode.
    4. Having him cast a knockback, toss you into the air at the same time as he challenge you.
    5. Having him fear you a split second after he challenged you.

    I managed to click though once so i could try and figure out the rest of the encounter, Which ended later with me eating a 2x15k focus damage frontal attack that killed me.

    Sounds like a fun encounter?
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  8. Erszebeth Active Member is a fun encounter, he doesn't summon adds unless he's already in challenge mode, the easy version is a simple tank and spank. I usually sit around auto attacking until after he goes challenge then burn him, the EM fight is just boring, and no, I'm not in raid gear.
    my necro which I ONLY do challenge on him with is not in raid gear, but my raid geared troub can't seem to survive long enough because my healer merc is some serious fail sauce.
  9. Vampcat76 New Member

    I have had the hardest time trying to kill this mob. I have the same issues that Lakih mentioned above. I got close to killing him once, he had like 2% health, but, I died at the last second and for some reason my mercenary decided not to rez me or even fight Prime Magnate Mrelg anymore. He just stood there like a dummy. So frustrated.
  10. Vampcat76 New Member

    He summoned adds on me in several encounters before he was in challenge mode. He doesn't do it everytime. But, he does do it. These red swirly things.
  11. Erszebeth Active Member

    Vamp....I've honestly never seen it, but I've also never had him survive very long in the easy version, but all my toons I've done it on thus far have some pretty good and solid DPS, so he doesn't have a chance to survive. I would assume tho, if the adds are anything even remotely like the HM fight, any old AE should kill them off, as even the adds in the HM fight of him have virtually no hit points.
  12. Galthier New Member

    Hi all, just a note on the above. Yeah it's a pain when he throws you around but the encounter is fun. I found that getting my merc to take aggro whilst he challenged me made it real easy to counter :)
  13. Estred Well-Known Member

    He is frozen in Challenge mode for me now. Never get kicked unless I manually break his spell for EM.
  14. Kristabella Active Member

    Ok I just did this on my warlock, when he emoted in purple, i was feared, then interrupted, then snakes spawned, then merc died, then I died. 2nd go at him: Sent in merc, interrupted, but finally clicked him, which ended the ritual, 40 seconds my merc and I together did NO damage, he called in 2 waves of snakes, we both died. 3rd go at him, Rooted him (briefly), had merc on standby just healing and curing, Did NOT see the purple emote, did see Red emote "the Seer whistles for help" the snakes came, we got aoe'd and died. Scrolled back, there was no purple emote that time, and I never got the hand icon. 4th Go, had merc on back off, got the click in survived past the first spawn of snakes, he started throwing me in the air, landed got aoe, died, merc rez'd me, as soon as I was rez'd, merc was killed, then I was killed again...

    I don't understand why some ppl just breeze thru him like nothing, and others, like myself have such a hard time. My merc is an Inquisitor. I fought this sob till i was at 0% and all broken. I know if I zone out and come back later I am gonna have to do the freaking **** zone all over again to get to him, becasue even though it says tghe zone is good for 3 days, if I leave and come back, it is all respawned....wth is up with that???
  15. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    He has a nasty habit of making kibble out of mercs really fast unless they are placed right but then he ports them to him....
  16. Erszebeth Active Member

    This sounds like your getting challenge mode even when your supposed to be in non-challenge. In challenge he does have a heal that is very noticeable if you have low DPS <i.e. defiler warding him to death, or some such similar>, in non-challenge, he has very low HP, an occassional knock up I've only ever noticed on fights going over the 1:30 mark, and I've never seen adds on the easy version even at 2 minutes.
    Admittedly i've not done much with the EM fight, I almost always do challenge, and what your describing here is pure challenge mode.
  17. Kristabella Active Member

    How do I get OUT of Challenge mode? I have been able to click him right off, but still makes no difference. And he does heal, I got him down to 81% and he healed, that is the lowest I ever got him, but he always kills my merc. So far I get the snake adds every time :( I cannot progress in this quest line...grrrrr.
  18. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    First, we need to make sure your problem is really that he's going to CM.

    When you pull him, his name is: Prime Magnate Mrelg <the All-Tender>
    If his name stays that way, you are staying in EM.

    If his name changes to: Mrelgt the All-Tender <Lord of the Darkness>
    Then you've slipped into CM.


    Fight him until he emotes: "The Prime Magnate begins to gather darkness around him! [challenge]"

    As you approach that point, make sure your camera is swivled so you can see his head. If you're staring down at his feet, or in first person view, it's harder to get a handle on him.

    Move the mouse over his head area, it should turn into a hand. (It doesn't *have* to be his head, anywhere you get a Hand icon will do, but higher up is easier). Once you have your hand, spam left click. He has no interrupt or other action while he's converting - but sometimes he's in the middle of a cast or an attack when the emote comes up, and it goes off just after your first attempt to interrupt (ie, he had a spell in flight), so getting interrupted on the first attempt is not uncommon. Second attempt should work fine. And if it doesn't, you've got time for ~8 more interrupt attempts before he changes over.

    If you have an uncured dot ticking on you, and your merc is slacking, you may need to pop a cure pot to prevent it from interrupting you.


    If you are truly getting him into EM, and he's still trashing you handily - all I can say is bring a friend... Someone more intelligent than a merc to back you up...
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  19. Erszebeth Active Member

    Another thing I've found in personal experience, can the inquis merc in there, they fail every time. The only merc I trust to do any kind of decent job healing me anymore on my toons is the warden, the cures aren't as reliable, but she'll heal through them and keep you alive anyways.
  20. Mysticalmaid Member

    Did this a few days ago and though I was expecting the challenge mode after reading what to do, I somehow still missed it, After reading this thread I was able to do it the 2nd time, so thanks for the info. Hopefully I wasn't just lucky! Challenge mode was very...challenging. Are there any benefits to completing challenge mode?

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