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  1. Almost Member

    I am seriously considering coming back to EQ2 on the upcoming fresh TLE, but have a question.

    Have the devs added the option to hide others pets/familiars yet?

    I love the game, but over the years the sheer amount of random things people have running around following them has totally made the game unenjoyable and often unplayable for me. I am all for people being able to have their fun, but I'd like to not have their fun negatively affect my fun.
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  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Options to hide pets are on each player to do. I can't hide your pets nor can you hide mine. But when I run groups - I ask people to hide their pets.

    Hide Pets option doesn't include like a Necro or Conjy pet - or a Templar's Hammer for example.
  3. Almost Member

    Thanks for the reply:

    Oh, so no changes. Well that stinks.

    Anyone know if familiars are available from launch on the TLE servers.

    I know some people might eyeroll, but I hate having to see a herd of pets following someone all over the place, totally ruins my immersion. Plus, they lag the heck out of the game, make a ton of noise, and generally get in the way while in cities. Hiding them should be as easy as hiding nameplates.

    Oh well.
  4. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    No information on whether or not familiars will be available at launch of Varsoon. They weren't on either Stormhold or Kaladim, but they were on Fallen Gate, so... who knows? It's unlikely that they will be, because familiars add a ton of power to a character whose max level fabled gear set is granting .5 potency.