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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Xant1, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xant1 Guest

    I seem to have lost my pet there a command to bring it back? Thanks
  2. ARCHIVED-eniveparg Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Xant1 Guest

    awesome :) One brings up the window but it says: No Pet, even though I have one summoned. Tried killing it and summoning again, no luck, so it doesnt obey commands :(
  4. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    that would be a god pet right? dont take commands and havent for quite some time.
  5. ARCHIVED-Xant1 Guest

    Sorry, its the aa pet, the book.
  6. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    you cant give it orders and its a familiar so u cant have a pet window
  7. ARCHIVED-Xant1 Guest

    Actually, you could, you could tell it to stay etc. and there was always a pet window.
  8. ARCHIVED-Formerly Bbert Guest

    Familiar and god pets will also obey /pet hide. Have them both up though before you do it or one will be hidden and the other won't and they will just swap being hidden when you do /pet hide again
  9. ARCHIVED-Xant1 Guest

    Great, Ill use pet hide then, that's all I need, thanks..don't need the pet window now :)
  10. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    /pet hide doesn't work on the familiar.
  11. ARCHIVED-EpokSilvermoon Guest

    Agaxax@Unrest wrote:
    n00b :p The annoying thing with /pet hide is that it doesn't work in a macro together with the summon spells. So you need to /pet hide after god pet and/or familiar are up, then it hides both ;)
  12. ARCHIVED-Formerly Bbert Guest

    Yeah it is annoying that doesn't work. It executes the command while the 1st pet is being cast
  13. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    Epok@Splitpaw wrote:
    I didn't have anything macro'ed. The last time I tried I manually typed /pet hide, and the book stayed. That was before they redid things though so that there are separate pets. I dont have a god pet cause I'm waiting for bertoxx. I'll try it again tonight. agressiv
  14. ARCHIVED-Supernova17 Guest

    Can't speak for Familiars, but Deity Pets had their controls removed because they were causing mass interference with Conjuror / Necromancer primary pets, Illusionist Personae and a Coercer's charmed pet (to name a few). They may have done the big old Anvil to kill a Fly trick and removed controls for everything except real primary pets /shrug. /pet hide doesn't work in a Summon macro because there is no pause feature in Macros (otherwise it could be easily exploited). You can make a separate Macro button to do /pet hide if you're too lazy to type it out like me. I have my /pet hide attached to my /pet ranged Macro button.

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