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  1. Seth Active Member

    So i guess are are being tested in a way.. the insane potency requirement, long grinds for a single upgrade, insane amount of error for a rare etc. And all of you where excited for pantheon.. lets be real pantheon will fail if its a dungeon crawl. No one wants that, we got zones with minimal trash and 3 bosses and we still get annoyed of ot takes longer than 5 minutes to kill a boss... Let alone 20+ for those undergeared. It all be a test i tell ya. 10/10 this expact is a joke, it was probably Brads dying wish, make em suffferrr! A true lord of malice
  2. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    Nah. There's a niche market for that kind of game. For example, see EQ1 which is doing just fine.

    However, EQ2 customer are generally not EQ1/Pantheon customers. Longdale wants them to be the same kind of customer, but they're not.
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  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    Pantheon is going to flop so hard people won't even remember the game ever existing. Just like that other game that closed down and nobody remembers the name of, BLESS or whatever.
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  4. dorotea Active Member

    Obano you may be an optimist if you mean it will be released and then flop. Release seems more and more like a distant dream.

    Gillyman is right. EQ2 tried to force grouping many years ago - at least 10 - and it failed so badly they had to do an emergency revert to the way it had been.

    The core distinctions of Pantheon will be (1) slow leveling and difficult content (2) minimal reliance on quests to get levels and more reliance on grinding (3) minimal ability to solo effectively. At best soloing will be much slower and unrewarding. At worst it will be impossible at higher levels (4) slow travel with few or no teleports other than mage or druid type of portals. This will not appeal to a wide audience. But it is aimed at a niche market and hopefully will attract that market and do well.
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  5. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Rise with the phoenix, Ashes of Creation!

    (Joking, Just play what you want and be happy.. It's all anyone can expect. :) )

    What's this I hear about people needing for form groups for PQs? Isn't that the exact opposite of what the fundamental definition of what a Public Quest event is?
  6. Tornat New Member

    honestly think pantheon is just another star citizen and Crowfall . another game pitched that will never come out and to get people to keep crowd paying *shrug*
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  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Oh well this man got the opportunity to be one of the main dev in the first 3d MMORPG,so eq1 was something new and welcome but very predictable, we all played dungeon master, might and magic, daggerfall off line series and also online 2d RPG. But hell, siting and seeing nothing till level 30, or meding for 15mn do get mana (unless you had an enchanter or a bard) we have an idea of what he meant by a good game. He was also a genius for class balancing : (a) my shaman would stay LFG approximately 10 seconds but post 40-45 my druid could plee for a group for hours; (b) One day my druid was in western waste fooling with friends, the 50 paladin got lost and killed by a ? 38 giant, my 35 druid went and killed the giant, and of course i could not rez him cause only clerics and paladins.
    Verrant never took players demands in consideration, and Wow devellopers were playing and taking note of all the detrimental aspects (domination of the holy trinity, lack of quest system, time sinks, stupidity of a super heavy death penalty -- why would you pay a high price cause grouped with some really bad player or because your internet connection failed? --). Eq1 player base would have remained solid if a few obvious fixes had been implemented : balance the classes desirability, allow any class to solo semi decently, make out of combat regen 10 times faster, add quest steps so you don't restart from start if you fail a step, add quest levels and make most quest somewhat useful (in eq1 1 quest over 30 was worth doing), use xp debt instead of xp loss, add npc summoning corpses (for a high level adjusted price), make dungeon key soulbound. I would probably had add the possibility to get back your corpse for free after 1 day or 1 week whatever had happened.

    So unless he had learned from Eq1 disaster (loosing 95% of the 500 000 players they had) , Pantheon will be atrocious.
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  8. Mashef Member

    If you are posting here I am guessing you play this game regularly and loyally to DBG. I personally don't play EQ2 but part time and solo/3box when i do play EQ2.. most of my time for social game play is in other games. From my experience most people seem interested in EQ1 style raiding gaming and less interesting in WoW/EQ2 linear progression. The preference seems to be large numbers of guild members (40 to 72 man raids), gear checks, and things that mostly involve actual strategy not just some boss fight that requires some gimmicks to defeat the boss, and a number of targets you can raid during any given expansion (not just linear "tiered" progression). This creates a sense of accomplishment (you no longer get that in wow/eq2/eq1).

    As an example, my WoW classic guild stopped already because it was so incredibly easy and short. Everyone lost interest in a few months. Everyone wanted something they needed to grind towards like an achievement or reward but it can't be super redundant like daily quests, faction grinds, or endless battleground PVP (think AA system where you are farming AA and loot/rare mobs to trade/sell which adds variety to every day play) A new game can provide that, old ones can't. The challenge just wasn't there so everyone quit.

    Not saying Pantheon will be amazing but I am saying that you must understand you are commenting to probably less than 1% of the MMORPG player population on these boards and nothing about EQ2 is similar to EQ1 and Pantheon (if Brad truly made a glorified EQ1) If it is a modernized version of EQ1 with some good questing/soloability and a quality AA system/dungeon crawl/rare loot system like EQ1 then the game has hope.
  9. dorotea Active Member

    >If it is a modernized version of EQ1 with some good questing/soloability and a quality AA system/dungeon crawl/rare loot system like EQ1 then the game has hope. <

    The game is in pre-alpha so much will change. Brad was the head developer - just his passing could result in game design changes. Currently it looks as if there will be little soloability, minimal emphasis on quests and perhaps no AA system at all. None of these decisions I particularly like. I am a fan because of the hoped for slow leveling, large world, significant death penalty, and EQ-like classes and features. Getting to level-cap is far too easy today in almost all MMOs - Pantheon may be a game where even a single level *matters* and because of the death penalty each fight has meaning. Where losing a fight costs trivial repair costs and puts you a one minute walk away - why even care if you win or lose? Sure it can be unfair if you die to a major bug or a game crash or a power outage but I prefer that to being level-cap in a week with little risk of even dying on the way up/
  10. wazul Active Member

    I don't know if he'll be coming out one day.

    But if the classes are balanced, if the loots allow you to build a character and not make a clone, and there's no ptw, I'll take it.
  11. Occam Well-Known Member

    Just for the sake of clarity, Brad McQuaid did't just "get the opportunity to be one of the main dev" for EQ. He was THE man. EQ was born from his mind, and he was the driving force behind it. If it weren't for Brad, you wouldn't be here right now complaining about EQ2.
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  12. EQ_Jack Active Member

    I personally don't mind working for things as long as I CAN work for things and get them with reasonable time. If pantheon has a better Quest to Map system, better UI management, Add-on capability, a dungeon group builder queue etc. yet also has the depth of EQ1/EQ2, it may take the best from all the MMOS and even be greater still. I'm gonna try it for sure but will decide after I know from personal experience where it lands.
  13. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    Based on what the dev's have said, my take on Pantheon is that it's an old school style mmorpg with a modern engine, skins, and new bells and whistles (systems and features).

    It's been designed for the eq1 crowd. The emphasis is on grouping grinding, dungeon crawls and raids.

    I mean, there are people that just love sitting there for hours grinding trash, avoiding corpse runs, taking 30 minutes to kill dungeon bosses or hours to kill a raid boss. Those customers are out there, but it's a narrow niche.

    If I enjoyed that, I'd be playing eq1. I watched a friend play eq for about 15 minutes, and thought "Oh good God, no."
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