Pack Pony not working correctly for PoM harvests

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Frostii, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Frostii New Member

    I have not noticed an issue with any other tier except for when sending them to harvest in PoM. It brings back some ingredients from PoM, but brings back silvered flecks and reef clusters instead of the correct metals. I have the advanced pack pony on 9 different characters and this happens on all of them.
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  2. Chris Thompson Member

    OK I am not nuts.
    I've sent my pony out dozens of times and never has it returned a rubicite.
    I've also just noticed it never returns golden ember ore. But it does bring in silver flecks.
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  3. Chris Thompson Member

    And I just noticed that my plant from Twark is not giving those metals, either.
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  4. Frostii New Member

    Aye, I have not been getting any etherium or golden ember from pack ponies. Just the Myrist harvests instead. And therefore not any of the rares associated with them.
  5. Frostii New Member

    I did check the guild harvesters today and they seem to be giving the correct tier metals. Seems it's just the pony.
  6. Chris Thompson Member

    Ah, I just double-checked my _An Obulus Frontier Garden_. I chose _A bushel of harvests: Plane of Magic_ and DID get golden ember and etherium in that bushel. Didn't get rares this time, but I probably would at some point.

    DEVS: Obulus Frontier Garden seems to work OK. Please disregard earlier post about it. Sorry.
  7. Frostii New Member

    Any ETA on this being resolved DEVS? Several patches have come out and still have not seen a whisper about this issue.
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  8. Chris Thompson Member

    I am guessing it's a really low priority, given it is an old thing. End gamers are not concerned w/PoM harvests.
  9. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    not true. I play characters at all tiers, and would prefer the things to work correctly at them.
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  10. Chris Thompson Member

    Good to hear; I am happy to be corrected. I also agree it's nice when things work. But I stand by what I wrote about the priority the devs would assign to this, especially given you can get the rares manually.
  11. Chris Thompson Member

    Well, I guess I should have said the devs are not that interested in old problems. Apparently they are fixing the pony's issues with BoL, but not with the PoM harvests. Go figure.
  12. Gninja Developer

    I will take a look at the PoM harvests. I apologize, as I thought it had already been resolved.
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  13. Chris Thompson Member

    Many thanks!
  14. Chris Thompson Member


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