Only way PvP will work in eq2

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Spectre, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Spectre Member

    I played on Nagafen on day long ago, tried Deathtoll, and Nagafen 2.0

    In my opinion... Create zones that are full PvP. Not a whole server.
    Make it so people can't not zone out if they entered PvP combat (tired of all these people running cause they start to lose)
    PvP Writs with exclusives rewards
    You can create zones similar to the old BGs

    PvE Game outside these zones.
    A fully dedicated PvP server is a continuous fail. Time to think of what else can be successful.
  2. Prasecisqo New Member

    worst ideas I have ever heard... make PvP version of what actually works. Kaladim works so make clone copy of Kaladim with PvP enabled.
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  3. Spectre Member

    There is no PvP scenario that actually works in eq2. The closest was the original Nagafen, and guilds like Ebonlore exploited the hell out of it, and gank squads killed it. You have no idea what you are talking about
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  4. Frostfang Member

    Do you? Thinking that bringing back a battlegrounds-esque mode on pve servers would even be remotely successful is just delusional. Nagafen worked fine in the past, it needs fine tuning, but there's no point in making drastic changes to gameplay and so on, we already saw the result of that.
  5. Frostfang Member

  6. Spectre Member

    I lead one of the top guilds on Nagefen at launch. Ventrilo was always alive with the gripes. The problem is there are not as many PvP focused players as you many think there is. PvP players are just louder than the PvE players =)

    I loved the BGs. I think they should bring them back an expand on them. Plus add some PvP dedicated zones within a PvE server. Be honest, most people on the PvP servers did the blue content (zones/raids/etc).

    At first there was a ton of PvP action on Nagafen at launch. Then slowly it was fewer targets (not counting the node farmers that everyone killed over and over after their timer expired). Then came the gank squads (at first there were many solo PvPers doing 1 vs. 1... Murder the first Master on Nagafen, for example) that made it less fun. The funnest part of Nagafen for me was doing Temple of Scale (contested) fighting dragons and fighting off Sempiternal trying to gank our raid at the same time.

    Though I would I really like to see it.. Everquest 2 will never have a succesful server dedicated to just PvP. They really do not have the resources to focus on a fully working PvP server. That is why adding BGs AND PvP zones into a PvE server would be the next best thing in my opinion.
  7. Frostfang Member

    As you say, there aren't a lot of PVP players as is, But there are enough to make for an enjoyable experience on a PVP server granted they don't all quit because it wasn't handled well, etc. If PVP were to be thrown onto PVE servers, few would play as I'm sure many pvpers including myself don't want to come back just to play PVE with some mini version of PVP thrown in. In addition, your idea of PVP zones in PVE server wouldn't be so great as most people wouldn't even go into these zones and the PVP population would be diluted within the servers.
    I doubt PVP will ever be considered "fully working" too but I'm hoping the next one is atleast an improvement from the last two servers. Hopefully we can hear some news about it soon.
  8. Hennyo New Member

    I can understand the desire for a dedicated pvp zone for sure, as the idea of a whole successful server with any decent population long term with the current staff is just about a pipe dream, Having played a fair amount of pvp myself in the past, I was never a huge fan of the BG's but I knew plenty of people who were. Also if a BG was an entire zone, it would be a ton more fun, because I remember back during the KoS days, in many ways, TT was a giant single zone BG and it was tons of fun.

    Also many of the same reasons you want a single zone pvp environment are some of the same reasons I felt EQ2 pvp failed in the long term. For me, I would prefer a whole pvp server, but with a bunch of custom pvp rules to encourage the fun type of pvp play. For example, I had many what would be considered unpopular ideas, but many pvp players did, it was pretty standard for many pvp players to be very opinionated about exactly how they wanted pvp to work. it is the nature of the that player base, which Spectre here seems to understand.

    As for my own crazy ideas, City only revive, no evac in combat period, completely disabled player track and /who and census system that tracks where players are at all. Full disable /target player commands without the said player being in your group, or any other similar trick. I know this setup would be disliked by many, but personally I always preferred a hardcore but at least slightly fair system. I also know with the current content this doesn't really work, but it could likely work decently with a TLE server.
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  9. Hennyo New Member

    Would like to point out here, a pvp zone could be made to be game wide between the same server types to prevent the dilution issues you mentioned. Also there were plenty of hardcore pvp players who enjoy the blue servers, and enjoyed blue content back on the pvp server who absolutely hated the mere existence of pvp gear and pvp quests. Before these things, to many players the pvp experience was much more "pure" as it was only for title. Though I did like they added title decay, but not saying they did it exactly right, but the intention was correct.
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  10. Raff Well-Known Member

    As long as you have a leveling mechanic that lets higher levels gank lowbies, you will never maintain the population levels needed for a successful server. Never.

    Choose a 10 level range (say: lvl 40-50....or 60-70....whatever) Give everyone a set of MC gear only. Open up the approriate level xpac and let the fights begin. Parity achieved, it comes down to skill and knowing your class.

    I mean...if it really is just about the fights?
  11. Siren Well-Known Member

    As a big fan of zero level limits on MMORPG PvP servers (merely because you can call many more people down to help you in chat if you're a lowbie or soloing, without any level restrictions, than you can if they're in place, because way fewer people will meet the level restriction requirements as they're leveling) I will tell you that 10 levels is so great a difference it may as well be limitless. Even a team of oranges 3-4 levels above you is a lot in EQ2. You see oranges these days? You're toast.
  12. Raff Well-Known Member

    But 10 levels is doable by almost everyone, no matter how much or little they play.
  13. Surgeon Active Member

    The only way a PvP server will work is when you get rid of the Stoneward Glyph proc gear.
    With it, PvP is pointless.
  14. Karsa Active Member

    open all items to pvp/ don't worry about trying to balance them..couple years ago they had pvp rewards based on some rewards from heroic content....maybe during ToV expac... It was lot fun sure it was unbalanced but the population included characters from TLE and you could bring raid / hq items to pvp ....
  15. Nuada Member

    i agree to @karsa in endgame yes it was only the PVE items with thoughness ect i think the set gear exist with 80+, and we need thoughness ect or u onehit all with that high stats.

    a Zone for pvp only is dump, best is a PVP on/off button with switch delay, and writs/tokens for gear, but not 500 tokens for a item the game has not that mutch players atm we need easymode gear and u get full set after hours and heroic gear after weeks. then anybody has a good start and the newbys has also fast new gear and do not leave that fast about Gear(ganking) and pvp switch.

    u can also use all the old PVE to PVP gear that exist also and its balanced with thoughness the Sony time 90-95 was epic with balancing, i got 30+ min grp fights and broke not the healers mana....
    and change pvp range to max 3 lvls
    and provides new armor all 10 lvls for pvp
    its not that hard the most gear exist allready only 100+ not

    Yes the game need a bit PVP Love or is do fail again.

    If u start only a new server and change not many, the server die again for sure. its at that point 100% not frindly for new players
  16. trollanfrog Member

    Pvp has never worked in this game, ever. It didn't last a full two years before servers literally died off during it's best balancing time it ever had.

    There will also never be new players to cater to. Kids don't like this game, adults can't get over grudges from 10 years ago, and if you can't maintain your core, then you are not going to make anyone feel appealed to the game.

    Pvp will never work in this game period.
  17. Nuada Member

    The last 3 years from soe was also good it was only a bit open pvp max 1-4 x4 and most of the time Battleground PVP but 5-10 dens were most of the time full.
    and SOE has developt a new BG this bg was **** ok ^^ but they tried....
    the last 8+months from soe was the problem no gear update for months, grps was bug for min. 8 weeks all grps were random and nothing for pvp was fixed 0% open pvp got also no fixes , and 80+% from the players has leave pvp at this short time.
    maximum 10-20% from the pvp player got lvl 100 pvp gear, the most players has stoped with lvl 95 and the balance was epic at lvl95 time, with full aas.

    With all server connected to one and new Gear Full set for all slots "modified-RAID-Gear" with toughness/lethality ect, pvp is sure back in "bg" ok... but back, and a max lvl pvp server where is also connected,would be cool.

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