Old Player Returning - Can I salvage an old high level character if gear gone?

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    Been a long time since I played EQ2...one of my toons, I had deleted all my equipment. Can't remember why as it was so long ago but I am butt nekid. Likely it was to a lot of pented up frustration with the guild i was in before..who knows. Is there any way to restore equipment I had or reset the quest lines so he can re-achieve what he had earned from the long quests? I had a lot of items that were difficult to get. Was hoping if there were items i had that were no-trade, or no-sell items(gear/weapons/armour, etc), I could get back.

    Just trying to decide if I should delete my old character because it would be far harder to re-equip him with what he had before even more difficult than a new character because he wouldn't even be able to re-start any question lines and such.

    I had some fabled/legendary items and such, etc...

    Thanks for advice.
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    What level is the character? There are several free sets of gear in the newer expansions and if you are an All-Access member you can get the free gear by doing the "panda" quest lines at the spires in Sundered Frontier. I think the lowest you can get the gear sets is level 100 in the Plane of Magic from Tishan's Lockbox (the gear is in Tishan's Lockbox in each expansion forward, with a set in Myrist Library, The Blinding spire, City of Fordel Midst spire and in Svarni Expanse for Vetrovia. It is very near where you zone in for each one.

    Each set in that order is better and has a higher level. The panda gear is also by level starting at 100 as you complete the set of quests, which are easy exploration quests that are written up on the wiki.

    Doing this might make keeping your character easier, and it's likely the newer gear is better than what you had at that level if you are just looking for stats.

    However, if you are lower and/or looking for a specific item you had for appearance or nostalgia or just to have it, you would probably do best to submit a petition and see if they can help. You can also look in your character window and click on the restore button to see if there is anything listed you want. That only shows the most recently deleted items and may not include what you had if this was some years ago.
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    I think, the easiest way if you are between level 10 and 94 would be to run agnostic dungeons a few times and get gear from ornate chests there. Once you hit 95 and have at least 30-40 draconic etyma saved, go to Tranquil Sea and purchase new level 95 pieces from Leveling merchant there. That will get you started on much improved gear no mater of what tier was your old gear. Do timeline quests there to get more pieces.
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