Old Chaos Gear

Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Ladymist, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    What am I to do with this, i dont see anywhere that i can sell it and it isnt a option to trade up for the new bg gear. I am hoping I am missing something
  2. Ecno Active Member

    Nope... you have to start all over on the new gear. Welcome to the new update... luckily the Slayer set is very cheap and pretty comparable when you consider the toughness you lose vs the HP you gain (easy to calculate to see the difference if you want to)

    I have held on to certain pieces of chaos while focusing on the proc jewelry and getting the more important chest and legs (big stat pieces) to dreadnaught ASAP. Everything else is slayer... or something out of an instance that is the same set/stats as my current Slayer set to match... just with a purple adorn and no toughness. Eventually those will be replaced also as I upgrade to full dreadnaught.
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  3. Pippin Active Member

    I would say all but tank classes just go for the new gear armour wise.

    For tanks - chaos is a huge difference to the slayer gear.

    Apart from lost toughness there are a bunch of block / def / parry etc.. stats which are lost "upgrading".

    Its night and day.

    My SK does a LOT better with chaos gear over the first tier replacement despite the 150k plus health advantage the new gear gives.

    I went from 70% something avoidance to 50% or so. Mitigation lost a bunch too.

    When I say does a lot better I mean running into a group and dying within 20 seconds vs a minute or more using the old gear.
  4. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    There are some concerns with some classes and the new gear tanks for instance but its the same for pve gear as well....but yes chaos will hold you somewhat barely until you can start on the new pieces....chest/legs/helm seem to have the best toughness especially when you get to dreadnaught gear + gem.